A Throne of Glass Review by Roaming Reader

Roamin Reader was the winner of the first GuessTheCharacter Challenge (whoooo!!!!). Go congratulate her and check out her other awesome reviews! I've read this review and let me say for someone who's read Throne of Glass, this made me want to read it again. With no further ado, let's get to @RoamingReader's review!! Roaming Reader: … Continue reading A Throne of Glass Review by Roaming Reader



To kickstart everything I'm going to select 10 book bloggers from each platform: @taylorreadsbooks @lunalestrangereads815 @roamingreadersite @nevernotreading @healthyeatingeveryday @bookjunkies @lizziebookblogging @1girl2manybooks @msstephanimichelle @readerandproud    

Book Challenge!!!

I finished most of the series I need to and some, I’m still working on.

Water Song Series
Destiny Binds Series
Harry Potter (finally!!!)
Throne of Glass Series (Onngoing)
Arcana Chronicles (Ongoing)

Working On:
Grey Wolves Series
Stephanie Plum Series
Sweet Evil (meh)



To accept the challenge tag 10 other blogs! Done with the challenge? Answer the questions above and tag me @luvleyfiction and have your results published on my blog (and twitter, and tumblr, and blogspot)!

Let the challenge begin!











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