The Great Gatsby

I’m not big on non-pop culture, classics, all those types of books that have nothing do with supernatural or paranormal activities or anything along those lines. I actually had to read The Great Gatsby as in assignment in AP Language but it wad so…moving I just had to review on it.

Now you must understand, not all my reviews are this insightful and serious and have nothing to do with hit boys or main characters that would be my best friends in real life.

I have to say the reason why I was propelled to even write this book, was the end Of it. The beginning was slow, the middle was interesting But the ending was absolutely moving for me so it is the ending that I will discuss; a specific part of the ending: Daisy and Gatsby.

I understand that Gatsby, living in West egg represents New money, optimistic America, the Eden and (SPOLIER!!!) when he dies, it represents Fitzgerald’s belief in the pessimistic idea that America in some ways is the new Eden, But doesn’t remain the young, hopeful, optimistic country it was before the war. I get that Gatsby had to die for the author to prove his point. And in my case, Daisy, Tom, Myrtle, Wilson, Jordan, all represent Europe. He got involved with them, and lost all his innocence and “life”.

As a reader who gets easily attached to characters, there are something’s I don’t agree with. They are serious like why was Daisy even a plausible character? Or they’re silly like, Why rid Gatsby have to die, I loved him so much. Or they might be my own view like, if Fitzgerald really wanted the definition of th American spirit to be broken by Daisy, he could’ve let Gatsby live and pair him up with Nick (The uncertain homosexual in the book) to show that, the American spirit wasn’t dead, it was just slightly alterted and that was what propelled it into the modern age (an age where more and more people would demand equality of race, gender, etc). Boom, there’s your ending Fitzgerald. You didn’t have to kill the ONE character I absolutely adored in all the books I’ve been forced to read in school except Jean-Louise in To Kill a Mockingbird, Kate Minola in The Taming of a Shrew, and Lady Macbeth in Macbeth. Gatsby actually was probably the best character out of all my favorite old books (heh) that I’ve just named.


Jay Gats is optimistic, hopeful, and naive. Has there ever been a character like Jay Gats in all of literature? I haven’t read all of literature but I can assure you that in American Lit. there has probably never been a character like Gatsby. And maybe that a why I like him. He represents a totally unrealistic character! We all know all of the traits Gatsby posesses will eventually lead to Fitzgerald’s theme, pessimism. How can a person live so long, on hope, optimism and nativity? It seems almost unbelievable! Everday in the news, there are PEOPLE dying, people hurting,people killing, people trying, people saving, people fleeing, people running, there is ALWAYS some kind of tragedy going on in life whether its war or something else.

That a what Gatsby’s been facing all his life. He was a veteran in the war, he a rich, he’s seen things that would dishearten anyone. And even when he she’s Daisy,anyone who learns their lover from ages ago has a child with a stupid oaf, it will be dishearting and discouraging. But he keeps his hopes high, even AFTER EVERYRHING Daisy says, her decision, he’s still optimistic, hoping, waiting anxiously, like a me, waiting for the day I get enough money to buy a book. He isn’t discouraged at all. And even as he’s dying, I can safely say the man died without a single negative thought crossing his mind.

Gatsby is a small child, a small child you can’t help but absolutely ADORE! And the fact that Fitzgerald killed him, makes me so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the Great Gatsby, wonderful boom. If you’re not a pop culture fan and like modern or contemporary literature, read The Great Gatsby. It a slow, but you will not be disappointed!!

“They’re a rotten crowd,” I shouted across the lawn. “You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.”

The best quote in the entire book when our non-judgemental narrator FINALLY realizes that Tom, Daisy, Jordan, all the East Egg-ers “…were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made”. He realizes they will ruin Gatsby. But he’s too optimistic to know.


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