Earthquake in Nepal

So I realized a good amount of people (at least in my school) do not know about the Eathwuake that happened in Nepal last weekend. Well, currently, I’m in the process of forming a school club that raises awareness and collects donations on devastating events such as the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal, Asia.

Because I lot of people don’t know about it and because I barely have any time to do something big as a contribution, I decided to create a pamphlet that briefly explains the situation in Nepal and what is going on as currently as April 30th. I went around schools and passed it out to teachers who were fairly impressed, some interested and some willing to donate more.

But I feel like that wasn’t enough and I will post the pamphlet on here and hopeful, you read it And find out more information. Because there is more information. This is just a brief summary of what happened and what is going on.

Please take time and read about it, become more aware in the community and the world, not just things that are happening in your country or threats. This country has suffered greatly and is need of more aid, more supplies, more tents, more water, resources, the bare necessities. Yes, there are survivors. But many survivors won’t be survivors anymore if they have medical aid, no where to sleep, no food to eat and no clean water to drink.

There are plenty of organizations out there that claim to help. I recommend really digging in and finding out where the money goes and making sure where you are donating your money is legit and a valid source. In a time like this criminals use methods like setting up websites and taking donations to use for themselves. But do not let this discourage you from HELPING OUT A FAMILY, OR AN INDIVIDUAL, OR A CHILD.

If you feel you don’t have time to research other organizations, then I suggest donating to nonprofits and aid organizations that are ALREADY IN NEPAL and are known like Red Cross, Mercy Corps, UNICEF, Oxfarm, International Medical Corps…

Just please take time to learn more about this situation. Even if you don’t have the money to donate, spread the word, raise awareness. There might be someone you know who might be able to help but has no clue what’s going on. Spread the word, people will know, people will help.




Also: I know I spelt Nepal in the main title wrong, Napal. But in every other spelling it was right.
Also: instead of click, it was meant to be ‘clicks’. I put this together in a hasty 1 hour focus on the context of it!


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