Pep talk

So my dad just gave me a pep talk, all starting out with one announcement: “For Virtual Business, I’ll just apply for HR Manager because I don’t think I’ll get the CEO position.” And I felt so strongly about that, I thought that was my decision. And then my dad asked me Why I wouldn’t get it and this was my answer: “Not not detail oriented, there people who are taking higher classes than I am…” and he stopped me right there and said: “Yasmine, NEVER LIMIT YOURSELF OR WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN DO.”

And we talked for a while and I thought it over foe an even longer time

“Never limit your as or what you can do.” He’s right. We live in a world where there is a possibility of anything happening is great compared to the possibility of something not happening. The Earth is just a single freckle in a massive, massive and exponentially gigantic the universe. In such a massive space and with so many objects and substances floating around…the chances of thing a happening probably exceed what we think. In all the chances in the entire universe, and yous ay you can’t do something, because it’s something you just can’t do, that is very, very untrue.

There are so many billion, people in the world, on a single planet insignificant compared to all of the universe, and in a lifetime experience wide range and number of events. For 4.5 or more BILLION people. There are many,many possibilities of what you can do and probabilities do. You can be anything. But you will never know what you can be, if you never out yourself out there, if you never try, if you never REACH OUT AND SAY “I want this! And I will get this! Because I will work hard, and I believe I have the right stuff for this!” and remember, if it doesn’t work out, failure is just a chance to get better.


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