The Nine Lives of Chole King by Liz Braswell

So I have finished reading the Prince of Wolves but I want to finish reading the second book before making a review for that one too….

SO! In the midst of studying, trying to maintain a social life, get enough sleep to function as a normal human being. And spend time with family, I have also made time to read! But I’m such busy times pretty hard…that is why I tried a very cute, 8th grader-ish book that I think many have watched on ABC Family not read it. And I can tell you this; the book, totally different from the show! As any other book made into movie..

Freak Out: The book was cute, period. There were moments of shock, surprise, detonate feels and some ‘awwww!!’ yes, definitely a lot of that. It’s a book to read it you want a lighthearted yet highly interesting story you want to get hooked to but not too hooked up enough to skip out on everything haha. It’s definitely not as exciting as the other books I’ve read recently and I’m starting to think nothing can beat Relentless and The Lux Series. But the book was good, I definitely enjoyed it! A lot! Lots of drama, amusement, it was just so cute! I love it actually. I’ll definitely read it again.

Character: Now comes the bad part. According to me, the main character, Chole,  at the beginning of the book is selfish, self-obsorbed and thinks the ENTIRE WORLD, REVOLVES AROUND HER. I actually out the book down for a few days because having a main character thinking “but it was MY birthday, Why isn’t anyone focusing on ME” and “my own he’s friend was too busy dealing with her own personal problems with her boyfriend than to pay attention to my problem which is obviously more important important” gets very obnoxious, very fast.

Chole is 16 which sort of does make sense for her…selfish behavior throughout most of the book that is NOT shown in the TV show. And I guess the author was trying to make the characters as realistic as possible, which she actually succeed it. These thoughts are probably what most 16 year olds think and I think combining a realistic,character combination and a realistic solution to a very supernatural and out of this world conflict is…new to me. Every book I’ve read so fae, solve the supernatural with the supernatural. The characters were not flat at all and most of the characters weren’t perfect. There were lots of characters who were good, and still had killed others and characters who were evil and had killed no characters. It was just a spin on the play of supernatural v. reality and it was interesting, I really liked it.

Still, Chole was super annoying. Until she stopped thinking about herself, and about others. Then, She instantly became likable. Her snarky remarks at the beginning because sassy ones that just cracked me up! I mean, She was the leader of a fading cat race hunted and forced to live like rats, who needs her mother no,matter what and uses the police to deal with crazy situations. She’s a very tough girl and wholes we,probably wouldn’t get along as friends, I would mind having her as an acwuamtice or maybe that,mind of friend that,gives you advice. Her character,development A+++++++. I mean she went from this:

“The whole school seemed to know that Alyrec Ilychovich was after Chole King”

To this:

“See? This is exactly what I’m talking about. Secrecy and survival has forced you to follow a man who murdered your Pride Leader. This causeless violence between us …ends now.”

I believe Chole has come a long way as a character and at the end of the book, I felt so proud if her. To stepped up to be the leader, not just a teenage girl who just wanted people to follow her because she was nice and pretty. She took the reins, told the people what she wanted, competed for it and she got it. Sure she complained a bit but let’s be REALISTIC, we complain. The good thing is that just like Chole, we just snap ourselves back to the situation and know it’s totally worth it.
(Lesson of the day lol)


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