American public: Paul Revere, Why didn’t you just send a letter ahead of how?
Paul: Sorry, I had to go around screaming. Someone stole my typewriter.

(when I saw this on the AP U.S. History Exam I wanted to laugh sooooo hard lol. The lady was blaming her major (liberal) for using her tax payers to support and give welfare to teenage and young drug addicts who think even when they don’t work, the government owes them something. So her typewriter got stolen so she had to write her letter of complaint. I really wanted to laugh but you know…my hand was cramping so much and my brain was scampering to connect ‘new conservatism’ and I was busy going “are you serious?” to that one document where the collegeboard basically proved it was an antifeminist and lobbyist group of test makers.
But still, I liked the test. It focused more on applying what you learn rather than memorization…at least not too much memorization)


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