Please Read

For those of you who don’t know, another Earthquake hit Nepal this week. I’m less than a two week time frame the Asian country was hit again by the natural diastwr. Before the second Earthquake many were struggling to find lost loved ones, shelter and food. Now it’s gotten worst and it seems fear is taking over the county. Efforts are being conducted by the Nepali government and other help organizations to help the people who have suffered from these twin earthquakes which is everyone. A U.S. plane has also gone missing in Nepal as part of a rescue.

Please give whatever you can to the victims of these Earthquakes by sending resources, anything you can, or by donating money to any organization in Nepal RIGHT NOW. I strongly urge you to either donate to organizations that are popular and have a lot of credibility like Oxfarm or Red cross OR research some other organizations. There are some criminals out there who use this as a chance to make money so make sure when you’re helping the right people 🙂

Please pray for them. If you can’t donate money then please pray or just wish them anything better than what they are experiencing right now.

Please don’t ignore, please spread awareness. Many of the people in the world don’t even know about this, about Nepal, about the Earthquake. With everything else going on, it’s easy to just brush this aside. IT IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PUSHED ASIDE.

People have DIED. People are DYING, STARVING, innocent people, children. Help in anyway you can.


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