Memorial Day

Take about 60 seconds to think of all the brave people, no matter what gender, sexual preference, racial/ethnic background…etc. This of all the brave people who have given their lives or are in continuation of giving their life to serve our country. Those who have passed, will always be remembered by their families and the US because they were the ones who kept us safe. And those who are doing service, brave enough to put their life on the line, knowing the risk and still going ahead with serving the country to protect us individuals, we appreciate and acknowledge all that you do.

We must occassionally remember that even though we have jobs; doctor, nurse, artist, musician, lawyer, technician, activist..etc. There are people with jobs that because of them, we can achieve all these things. They give their life so you an save a life. They put their lives at risk, so you can go to college. So the danger doesn’t hit home as hard as it should.

Memorial day isn’t just remembering that ‘wait, we have an army! We have military, we have marinas, we have the workforce, we have all these defenses that are real people’. Its appreciating and respecting the braveness they must have to face the kind of challenge they face, every day, to have the kind of bravery to join and want to defend this country with their lives. Not everyone is willing to do that. But they are. And that’s what we must realize. We celebrate that our sons and daughter who left to defend are still alive. We celebrate that our sons and daughters who left to defend us are past and gone, but their service, their bravery, and what they did will always be remembered.

So yeah, celebrate. But don’t forget who we’re celebrating. Don’t forget why we’re celebrating. And don’t forget why we must keep celebrati,g remembering, and appreciating.

Yeah thanks for listening to my rent. This is really how I feel. Truthfully, I’m an immigrant and I don’t feel any personal connections to the defenses and military and I don’t have and have never have any family member serve. But even everyone living in the US has to realize were safe because there are people willing to die to keep us safe. I think that’s a very heroic and selfless. Just sit for like 60 secs and think hard about this…

So thank you, those who have died serving this country. And they’re families. Thanks 😁🎊🎉🎈💕💕💕💕


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