And of Junior year 2k15!!

Soo glad! I mean look at this:



I will never be able to forget the countless pages and notes I had to read every night NO MATTER WHAT, LITERALLY NO MATTER WHAT, the writing I had to endure every single day that caused my hand to cramp up and get a hand massage (it’s a thing,i found out), the straining and attempt to connect to my my non existent imagination in art class (slightly exaggerating), PAYING THE PRICE OF SCHOOL BY NOT BEING ABLE TO FINISH AT LEAST 5 BOOKS THIS SCHOOL YEAR, and last but not least, the agonizing struggle, the push and pull, the late nights and YouTube tutorials, the constant need for test corrections, and the achievement of my ENTIRE JUNIORYEAR goal of getting an A (22/25) on a chemistry test, in Chemistry.

Chemistry has been the peek, my prime struggle in all of high school. I had issues with Geometry. But Chemistry was a while different level. I loved Chemistry, it was interesting and it was definitely VERY CHALLENGING. But I struggled and I struggled a LOT.

Still, I would jump at the thought of retaking chemistry than retaking geometry. And even though Junior year is probably the hardest year of my ENTIRE academic life from Kindergarten to college (in assumption). I stopped excersicing,I stopped reading, I stopped getting at least 7 hours of sleep, I stopped socializing with friends,I stopped going to their houses (Or limited all of this) for that semester report card. After seeing the 3 Bs last semwatwr I KNEW I could do better. And I did…at a cost.

But I will ABSOLUTELY NOT change anything from this year. I’ve learned a lot! Life lessons, temporary lessons…I’ve learned more than I sighed up for.

Do, yeah I’m happy for summer. I’m happy to document these pictures as tokens and symbols if MY OWN hard work and to make myself feel better because in the end and in the future, all that sleep I lost, all those pages I had to flip at 11am at night, all those lunches I had to miss for getting teacher help…they have and will definitely continue to pay of.

What you do today, might not affect today. Or tomorrow. But it might affect the future, you just don’t know.

Now…it’s time for summer.
Then my last year of high school.


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