Opal by Jennifer Armentrout (Lux series)

I just read Opal…I finished it yesterday morning. I have never read such an amazing book in my life.never.ever.never.ever. I don’t think you guys understand how URGENT it is for you to read this book. Like…you seriously don’t understand.

That book was one of the best 8 hours of my life (exception of nature’s calls). Did I even stop to eat? Nope I don’t think I did because it was FLIPPING PANCAKES AMAZING. Like…I SERIOUSLY cannot translate this awesomeness into words. You just have to read it.my brain is sooooooo in the zone because right after I finished Opal I started Origin. And Origin…holy smokes.

I started this blog to share my love of fiction and books. The only way I can share this series because rhwres no explaining its aweaowneaa, is FOE you to trust this awesome stranger (me), go to your nearest library and check out Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origin and Opposition. ALL AT TRlHE SAME TIME if you don’t want to deal with the torture of WAITING.

I have to admit, Opal and Origin have a bit more…high school language and uh…issues of you know what I mean (the language isn’t prevalent and there was only 1 profanity in Opal. And issues as in sexual stuff but it’s not details or anything so it’s all good. Origin has a bit more profanities but I haven’t gotten through with it so I don’t know about other things). But characters:

Daemon: Still amazing and he knows it. His ego level seems to amp up every time there’s a threat or problem. But I feel like in Opal we see a different side of him. The strong, selfless yet extremely arrogant and egotistical warrior is just another being that wants to protect his family and those he loves and make them happy. He’s so sweet and even though it’s shown in Onyx and Obsidian, we don’t really know how sweet he is until we’ve read Opal. Also he had proven to be just a bit overprotective of his family and Kat, especially Kat even from herself. He tries his best to be supportive not only physically (giving strength, healing her) but also mentally (holding, wise words, letting her spend time with her mom) and even though he doesn’t know how to deal with most of Katy’s crying situations, he does his best. And I think it’s a new side of him, definitely that makes readers, me especially like him more. But as Katy would say, “Daemon doesn’t need anymore reminders of how awesome he is. I don’t know if there’s any limits to his ego.”

Dee: I have to say Dee made me want to stop reading the book. She made me ANGRY. In Obsidia in and even Onyx she wasmy favorite character, next to Katy and Daemon. She was sweet and amazing and I just loved that she shone a bit of light into Katy’s life even through everything she was drawn in. See had never had a friend and Katy…she was broken. They were perfect and they were amazing. They were like sister soulmates. But after (————–SPOILER——-) Adams death, she turned rude, mean and made it clear she would never forgive Katy even though KATY WAS TORTURED AND TRIED TO PROTECT HER. I understood though at the beginning because Dee was completely torn apart by Adams death. And she was having a hard time thinking about why Katy never told her her training sessions with Blake or what was going on with her and why she started ignoring her. It was hard for her because she lost her best friend, and then her boyfriend because of her best friend. But it wasn’t Katy’s fault.

Anyway, Dee went from being sympathetic on my part to being rude. EVEN when they had to go through the EVERYTHING in Opal still…but at the very end, old Dee came through and I was proud. She was struggling…and Everything was going on, no one had time to really comfort her, be her friend except Ash and Andrew but…I’m not sure about those two yet. And yet she was trying enough to come around and try to start the process of mending her friendship with Katy by meeting her halfway. I love Dee so much more now I don’t even know how it’s possible. I’m sure in Opposition she and See would be the power duo again !!!!

Dawson: He’s character usually just spoken about in Obsidia and appeared at the end of Onyx but his personality in Opal was a bit misleading. As you know if you’ve read Obsidia and Onyx, you can’t go through what the DOD and Daelaous put you through without losing a tad bit of your soul. Well…maybe not your soul but if youself. Well, that happened to Dawson. The boy usually described as the opposite of Daemon, identical but with a friendly, much charismatic personality usllt didn’t speak more than w words. And when he did, he was talking about Beth and figuring out how to save her. But through that you could see just what a great character he was. His friendship with Katy I think will be something special in the next book. I have to say though of all the Blacks, Daemon, Dawson and Dee have IMMENSE determination when they want something. Dawson couldn’t stand the thought of Beth suffering and he managed to easy Daemon, with Katy’s help, to get Beth back. He’s pretty awesome too. Except he doesn’t brag about it like his brother.

Blake: Blake. I liked him. I still kind of so. I think the way Katy treated him at the last end of the book when she realized he was the one coming through her window at night and not Daemon. Yes, he did what he had to do and she did the same. And so did Daemon. And yes, they’re different. But Blake…I think he was a good character. Everyone was changed by Daedelius. But the different between him and the others was that they had someone to go back to, someone they loved, family. Blake had nothing. He had something to gain, one person, Chris. And when Chris was safe, nothing. His actions were inexcusable but they were unserstable. Daemon and Katy need to realize that. Desperate times call for desperate measures, that’s what he did. Deal on and Katy should understand that the most.

Carissa: I just thought I would make this for her…just for her because…like Katy said she had nothing to do with what was going on. But I remember someone telling me once then during war, the people most affected are the children and those that have absolutely nothing to do with it. Carissa had nothing to do with whatever conflict was going on But she spontaneously combusted. R.I.P good character…

Luc: I thought, what the hay. He helped everyone out in Opal even though he was a bit weird. He’s hiding something and he knows a lot. I guess we’ll find out more in Origin or Opposition. But I like him. He’s the definition of what to do if you want to live: trust no one, think of yourself only, and always have a way out. But that’s not the way to live. But still, I like him. He’s a selfmade man. Even though what he made was a bit…inappropriate. Especially for “a kid”. But hey, fiction is fiction.

Katy: Last but not least, the star. 3 words. Katy has changed. Read Opal for more information 😛

So that’s all. I really highly recommend you start reading these series like now, today, soon as possible. Go!!! I’ll get back to Origin now xD


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