Opposition by Jennifer L Armentrout (Lux Series)

I was planning to give a more thorough review of Origin but I started reading Opposition so here it is.

Like I said before this series is the first book I would recommend for anybody. Obsidian started it off and it was amazing! Then Onyx, Opal, Origin and last but not least, Origin. I cried at the ens, not because someone died, but because the series was ending.

It was like…there will be no more adventures, they were finally just…done. They went through all of that, death and love, everything, but they saw it all to the end. And it was over. I cried because throughout the series Kat has been referring to her blog, going back to her mother, seeing Daemon for the first time, going to school, all that normal stuff. And she would never them back. But…she received a family. A real family consiting of arrogant Luxen, even more arrogant Origins, and not so arrogant hybrids.

This book was sad. It was the end. And I loved t. Any author who can do that is just simply AMAZING. The book wasn’t written with correct grammar or how any book should be written. It was like it was written by a teenager with no real filter. But that must’ve been intended because the plot was so well planned out and the events were so mind blowing and the… everything was pretty awesome.

Daemon: He had CHANGED. His arrogance and ego has probably risen up above the level of a normal Luxen but everything else about him…He’s become less impulsive and more thorough. His plans are still 99.9% fail but the extra .1% is what kept them alive. He’s still pretty crazy but he thinks now…he thi is before he acts. And that’s huge. We do NOT see that in Obsidian and certainly not in Onyx. Since his love for Katy has grown, he’s become way more selfish and I was more than shocked when he even suggested they leave Dee and Archer and just run and live in a cave but I think both he and Katy knew he was just desperate and knew that reallycouldnt happen. Daemon…had shown that he would do anything, to keep Kat safe. And the times where all He could do was just sit helplessly and watch the horrors that were done to her, he got his payback. And he healed her. And from then on since they escaped Daeleus has been protecting her since. And when he got the crazy idea to marry Katy and just asked her, wow…pretty amazing of him. He gave her a future, he promised her a future,in the midst of something that didn’t promise them a tomorrow. It was pretty cool

Except from Lothos. Heh…that crazy Arum…I thought Daemon was going to spontaneously combust like Carissa.

“We are a higher lifeform, and to mix so intimately with someone like you is…well, an abomination of sorts. You shouldn’t exist. Whatever injury you suffered should’ve taken you…after all, it is the survival of the fittest, is that not what the humans say? You were not fit to survive without our (Luxen) interference”

Dawson: There wasn’t really a lot of Dawson in here but from what I could see, Dawson is much like his brother. Maybe not even close to being as arrogant but close as anyone canb be. He also will do anything to protect and keep Beth safe, no matter what. The affect that Daelos(really need to spell this word right) had on him seemed to have faded and I can really tell he’s the opposite of Daemon. He smiled, all the time and well, he’s the opposite of Daemon. He cares for Kat, truly like she’s his own sister. And Daemon and Dee and I have a feeling if bed known about Archer and Dee he would’ve been the first one, not Daemon, to throw the Origin from the Sears tower to face plant in the subways of the Arum.

“How is she [Kat]?” Dawson asked, voice low as he nodded at the closed door….”I really am sorry. She knows that right?” Dawson thrust a hand through his hair, grimacing. “I owe her everything and-”
“She knows.” I [Daemon] shifted my weight. “You know why she was at the grocery store with Archer? Turns out they were picking up parental stuff for Beth.”
The blood drained from his [Dawson] face.
“She’s been sick, and I don’t know if it’s normal or its something more…Kat isn’t sure, either. None of us know anything about pregnancy.”
But how much longer was Dawson expected to stay away from Beth, the girl he lived, the girl who was carrying his child? The girl who needed him right now more than any thing? How long could I [Daemon] wait?”

Matthew: This little meatball. He’s such a hypocrite. He betrayed everyone and gave Dawson and Beth/Daemon to Daelius claiming to protect the rest. It was insane.

Archer: I love the guy. He adds something to the story and I don’t know what. I guess without him Dee wouldn’t have a happy ending. I loved his personality from day one when Archer was assigned to be Katy’s guard. I knew they would probably be friends but i didnt know they would be like siblings. I love him so much and besides Daemon, he’s probably the highlight of the book. He’s not a main character, but I feel like in a way he is.

“Before Kat ended up here, is been willing to stick around to find out who was leading the Luxen and how he or she planned to carry out the ultimate strategy, because I [Daemon] knew Kat was safe with Luc and Archer. I’d hated not being with her, freaking drive me out of my mind not even being able to think about her out of fear the others would pick up on it.
But now?
Screw the Luxen.
Screw mankind.
I wanted Kat out.

Luc: Out if everyone in the entire book, Luc is my favorite. Not Daemon,not Katy, but they came pretty close. He knew what the world held, the reality and to be so young and know that, he did A LOT with it. But even when he tried to keep those he lovedtoonly a few numbers, it didn’t work. They all died. What I love about Luc is his transition to trust no one in order to survive, prosper, and know so many things to actually having a family.I know in the end,Katy said she didn’t know if Luc was a friend or what…he is. Luc wouldn’t think twice about killing anyone he feels like killing but I doubt he wouldn’t give his life to protect Katy, Daemon, Dawson, Dee, Archer, Beth and Ashley (baby!!!). I just love the fact that he faces with reality and doesn’t see things in black and white like the rest of the characters do


Luc sighed as he raised his hands. “Look, this is not a trap, a test drill. Archer’s here too. He’s waiting for hs, actually, and I’m more than willing to explain everything to you, but I’m not doing it standing here. Not when I found a Lunchables just a few minutes before you guys showed up, and I’m ready to make myself a delicious buffet if ham and cheese on crackers.”
I [Daemon] stared at him.
“What? Its the kind that has Oreos included,” he replied…
“The Lunchables also comes with a Capri Sun,” Luc added, “Fruit punch. The Lunchables of Awesomeness isn’t joking around.”
Man,no matter what I did or decided from here I. Out, there was a risk, and I never knew where I stood with Luc. I don’t think anyone did. The fact was that we really didn’t have much of a choice.
My gaze settled on Lux. “Of you’re screwing with us, I swear to-”
“God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost that you’re going to kill me…or whatever,” he cut in. “Got it. And although I might not appear appropratiely threathened, I am. So kids, can we move this group along?”

Dee: Dee again set me of from the beginning of Origin. I know it’s not her fault, truly it’s not. But…her words and actions against Katy, against Daemon…well as a reader it hurt me. Knowing Dee’s personality and having to read what she did to so many families, it must’ve killed her when she became free of the Luxens’ mental hold. But as angry as I am, she’s still Dee and she’s also changed. She’s definitely not as innocent as the time she took Daemons car keys as punishment in the beginning but that’s good. She’s also changed. Somehow, having Archer has made her stronger like it made Daemon and Dawson.

She [Dee] arched an eyebrow. “Beth s weak- weaker than Katy. She’s probably run away the second she saw us, fall, and kill herself, taking out Dawson in the process….”
Her lips circled up. “The worst thing that could happen is her arm rotting off.”
I [Daemon] stared at her.

Last but not least, Katy: So much to say yet not much to say. I think the whole series was about Daemon’s family. It was just told from her point of view. Its so much different from the usual books I’ve read where the character telling the story, the events revolve around that characters, the feelings everything. And another thing is that the main character is always the special one, the one that everyone wants stuff like that. Well in this case, it’s not Katy, it’s Daemon.But everything is told form her point of view. (except in Origin and Opposition). Kat has also changed. But…I don’t know I can’t explain it. Her personality is still the same, she’s adorkalicious but like before I think her black and white views are kind of blurred.

Fingernail marks were etched down the side of Sadi’s face and reddish-blue blood had been drawn. A disturbing level of pride ripples through me.
Kitten [Kat] Got claws and then some.
“She doesn’t play nice with others,” Sad I huffed out, “So I’m in the process of adjusting her attitude.”
“And I’m in the process of getting ready to cut out your heart.” [said Katy]
In spite of everything that was so messed up, my lips twitched into a small smile.
She was a full-grown tigress, and she still looked like she wanted to do damage. To me. Could I really blame her? Those eyes of hers shifted the longer we stared at each other, turning wet with a sheen of tears…
I was in so deep. We were in so deep and I didn’t want her here. I wanted her dar, far away from all this but it was too late. Too late for the both of us, and maybe for everyone else too.
She took a step back bumping into the tile ledge…
“Kat,” I said,speaking her name for the first time in days, allowing myself to actually think it and the moment it happened, the seal inside me broke wide open.


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