Since I have no money and I can’t get a job (i wonder why. It definitely can’t be my lack of experience in the work force, or my totally unflexible hours…or Maybe it’s my age?) so that I can see what its like to have responsibilities beyond family and chores and school. I’m going to keep signing up…everywhere (that I can work it and get to) lol.

But anyway, no money. I don’t want to ask if I don’t absolutely need it So I’ll stick to borrowing books from the library. When I become a millionaire one day I will definitely by all the books I’ve ever read and make book angels and books would be all over my house and my own home would be a huge library and I won’t ever sell them ever!

Anyway…library. To get more books. I have to return the complete Lux Series…it’s time for someone else to enjoy the absolute amazingneas of JLA’s awesome books xD

But before tomorrow,probably sometime today, I will make a post composed of all my favorite quotes and lines and put together a ‘My Blog is better than your Vlog” and “We look adorkable” shirt and when I get the money I’ll order them and wear them and feel absolutely amazing. And I’ll make a “Math illiteracy effects 8 out of every 5 people” shirt just for laughs lol.

Okay. I’m feeling pumped because I’m getting back into tennis. I couldn’t run because SOMETHING as up with my hips last night and I felt like an old lady. I couldn’t even sleep on that side…must have something so with the fact that I haven’t ran even a mile for months now and for 2 days I’ve been running 2.5…yeah probably.

So my arms are sore cuz I’ve only been serving, I can’t find someone to play with. My hips hurt cuz I’ve been running. And my whole body is sore before I’ve been studying for the SAT non-stop. (weeelll…some stops).

1) wish me luck on Saturday (SAT) not that I need it because I’m just that arogant xD (but seriously, pray for me).

2) Keep an eye out for my post today or tomorrow on the Lux Series and the stuff that I’m going to make xD

3) More reviews because I’m getting more books!!!

4) I hope I get a job soon…my resume was pretty impressive for someone with no experience…at least that’s what I thought…NO DOUBTS! I’ll get a job and excerise responsibility!

5) Hope these joint pains stop…probably would help if I started stretching too…

BTW, I love to cook and I’m eating healthy now so I’m going to start ANOTHER blog that’s basically a cookbook in the stuff that I eat and try to make xD

Yeah…that’s about it.library, so excited!!!


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