Famous Dave’s Reviews (RL) hahaha!!!

*Note: RL= Real Life

Okay so I just went to my very young friend’s 16th birthday at Famous Dave’s.

My friend, Alisa, said something like “Hey Katy (birthday girl), maybe we should all just eat your entire cake for you to make sure it’s not poisoned because you know, you’re the princess. We need to do this for you cuz you’re amazinf” and stuff.

Then Klarrise is like “we don’t need to fuel Katy’s already giant ego.”

And everyone was all “whhhaaaa?
And Daniela was like “what?”

So I repeated it again, a bit less confident cuz obviously they didn’t know what I was talking about. But Daniela has and she grinned HUGEEEE

And she’s all “Oh no, no one can get to his level of arroagamce and ego!”
And we were laughing so hard and Alisa and Katy and Klarisse and Kristin and Katy’s mom were staring at us and then Alisa started fake laughing but she laughed WAY TOO HARD and everyone was staring at us which made me and Daniala laugh harder.

Oh goodness. Awesome. It took like 10 minutes for us to calm down.


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