So, I realized I’ve been reading so much I can barely keep up with the books I read because I don’t update them on Goodreads that often anymore soooo… I have compiled a list of books (not every book)  I’ve read that I can remember right now at this moment into ranking from READ NOW to YOU CAN WAIT. So far they’re all series and some of them, I haven’t finished but I will work on them more when I get some time.

For now, if you’ve never heard of the first 4, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND (meaning I’m shoving you to download Overdrive or buy them on your kindle or into a bookstore!) you to read them like…RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, if you have no idea how to get the page the link is right herrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USE THIS LIST TO THE ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE!!

here it is!!!!!!!!!!

———————–>~Book Rankings~!!<—————————–


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