Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

So much for my healthy fear.

Something scurried below us in the dirt, maybe a lizard. I liked licards. Or it could have been a scorpion or a snake. Those possibilities made me shiver.

“Cold?” he asked.

“No, just thinking about poisonous reptiles.”

So I’ve read a couple of books after finishing the Lux series but WOW! I never thought any other book would WOW me as much as that one did. And let me just get this out:

GOOD IDEA TO MAKE IT A SERIES BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE BEEN BALLASTIC OVER THE ENDING OF THE FIRST BOOK.LIKE WHAT?!?!?! How could she do this to her readers?! But luckily…there are more books.

First of all, a round of applause. The author managed to get me hooked so fast, I finished the book from 11am to 10:35pm (right now). That normall does happen but only after the first 5 chapters or something.

Second of all, this book was good. Not as good as the Lux (now my standard all books will be held up to) series but it comes VERY close!

It gave me the feeling the Lux Series gave me but in that series, it was lasting. It think it has more to do with the amount of events the author has to manage and compact it within a limited amount of pages. Because even with time lapses, they seemed rushed, like she had limited use of pages so she didn’t want to waste it describing the months the main character had to battle her thoughts for herself and stuff (trying not to use spoilers!!)

I had a hard time trying to feel deeply to the soul what they were saying and realized a probably couldn’t. Its not like the Lux Series where I could just pick a quote or instance of event and apply it to my own life, learn something from it or just relate it to real life. It just wasn’t there.

Nevertheless, it was an AMAZING just-passing-time read! I must’ve fangirled every other page it was getting embarrassing. The characters are instantly likable, with their own flaws that doesn’t make them perfect characters like some others . And they have their own variations, not very alike to each other. What I think is very interesting about the characters is how they seemed to have dimension. Even the backup characters weren’t the least bit flat. Some of them had no background or history but their actions, and their words, the characters were very well rounded in all. Their personalities and way of thinking everything was thought theiugh and I like that. Now moving on to the plot:

The Plot: Uuuhhhhgg the plot had my emotions so volatile Anna would be having headaches keep track (book joke xD) Like the author would make me happy for ONE SECOND and the next second I’m just SCREAMING AT KAI like come on don’t do this. Just come up with a magical solution so all of you can live happily every after, even your dad and the other Dukes and the Daughter of Gluttony will get some help and control and her father would be the LEAST BIT PRIVATE!! about his actions and not broadcast them to the entire demonic realm-ish!! Like seriously dude, you’ve got bigger problems than your daughter and you need to FIX IT.

Overall, the plot was well thought it. Like I said before though, a bit rushed. It seemed there were so many events there wasn’t time to properly take in everything…I guess.

Kaidan, Kai: Firs impression? He’s a calmer Daemon. Definitely. He’s a WAAAYY less arrogant Daemon. But arrogant nonetheless. He’s less impulsive, more thought out. If Daemon took his place all the characters would be dead. I think Kai was the right character for the course of action in this book because of the decisions he had to,make and the personality he had to have to made the right ones; not go on impulse. Not to just ‘go with it and figure it out later’.

In the beginning Kai’s personality was pretty solid. But as the story went on, I became unsure. He was portrayed as overconfident bad boy type of thing who played the drums in a band. But I didn’t see ANY signs of overconfidence after the trip to California with Anna. I didn’t see ANY evidence of bad boyishness after he gave Anna money and a one way ticket back to Atlanta. And honestly after the concert at the club where all the Nephs met for the first time, the author never mentioned his drumming again. It was a little strange the sudden change in Kai’s personality…to having no faith and being so hopeless and desperate.

But that might’ve been his true personality under the one Higgins gave him…

Anna and Jay: Ooohhh my gooossshhhh!!! There have been better main characters but I just love her so much I just wanna squeeze her and make her my friend and hug Her!! Anna is absolutely wonderful and I think it’s because she’s just like me…and the Dr isions she makes are more realistic than other characters I’ve read in other books butttttt hey, we read for fantasy and out of the world stuff, not realism. But she’s so awesome!

Her decisions…wow. Leave it at that. Her personality…she’s foregoing. She is meant to be an introvert but she’s really not she’s just like. “Yeah I’m just quite because I have nothing to say to you, not because I’m shy” kinda thing. She’s…yeah I like her better than Lai, very rare.

There are moments I thought she’s was being a bit selfish but then I figured anyone else in her shoes would do the exact same thing, we’re all humans…well…she’s not. Especially in the second to last scene with the meeting in New York. She thought it was going to be her and kept repeating it until I got a bit annoyed but if I’d done the same things she did and was called with THE others to the meeting, I would be been chewing on my fingers out of fright that it was DEFINATELY me. So…human-ness. But she’s still awesome xD she and Katy Swartz would be like… The bestest of friends!!

I put Anna and Jay because I believe there is no Anna without Jay. And I really hope she tells him what’s going soon because there are the perfect best friend duo! And when Veronica came in it was a perfect trio! Jay and Anna…Anna and Jay, I love his jokes xD heh, he was adorable too. He’s one of my favorite humans. Usually in books, I don’t like the clueless human but he’s so awesome like hey, be my best friend will you? He and Anna…adorkable!!! I REALLY hope Anna tells him what’s going on soon…really soon…

Patti: Also very adorable. The crying was usually misplaced though like when Kai dais he would take Anna to California and she had such a hard time trying to decide what she really wanted for Anna. (really awesome too by the way. not many mother figures in the story, it’s all about the father. She brings that caring thing in the story, even though Anna’s dad eventually shows up and also carws, Patti is the REAL mother I guess. And since there’s some things about angels and religion, she’s like the Mary). But the crying like a day after tbey,left. Anna described it is sobbing and I just…like Patti. You can’t go back now. Its okay to cry, but don’t act like you just sent your daughter on a death mission, which comes later, save your tears for that. But I love her, she’s awesome too,xD much like Katy’s mother.

Belilal: He’s…okay. Actually, I really like him. He represents humanity as a whole I think. He’s made some mistakes, all very important mistakes and he was just sulking about until Anna came along. After they had their father daughter reunion he had a reason to get out of jail, you know, I think that was a really big thing for him. He cares, even though the last time he saw her she was only 15 minutes old. I really emphasised with him when he had to teach Anna her ‘talents’ something as a father he is so very against but as Also a father, wanting her to protect herself and love because he knows he won’t always be there…it was hard. And then to shove all those nightmares at her…it must be been painful for him. He and Patti are not so different. What is different is that Patti is actively responsible for and cares for Anna. Belilal cares for Anna deeply but no matter how much he wants to, he can’t be actively responsible for her in her life, all to protect her.

Kopano:  I WISH THE BOOK ENDED RIGHT THERE. MAYBE NOT RIGHT THERE BUT I WISH IT ENDED WITH KOPANO AND ANNA. Kope is so…it’s really weird to say this but he’s cute. He’s quiet and gently even though he’s the son of wrath and even though IT RUNS IN HIS VEINS, Anna managed to calm him down before he went after Scott and his friends and he chased her (heh) and the others were like ‘man you chased her! You’re so fadt!’ and he’s all I’m African, of  course’. He’s so direct but towards the end when he talks to Anna he he’s more indirect than direct, kind of a weird twist for him. He will protect Anna and love her and care for her…usually I’m a fan for complicated relationships when they can’t be towgether no matter what, like Anna and Kai, but…Kope is perfect for Anna. In Obsidian I wanted Blake and Katy to get along but not like this. I wanted Katy to understand Blake and his decisio,s even though they were very very wrong. He could be died with them being friends…I feel like that’s what’s going to happen. The sword of Heaven or whatever the sword is is going to get everyone to fight against the dukea and he’s going to die with her being mad at him because somehow, awesome nice gentle Kope will take his wrath on Kai and she’ll have to kill him and I’ll be sad and never read the book again for like t seconds and get over it. *DEEP BREATH*
Please author…plead Mrs. Higgins….Kope and Anna. Kona heh…my OTP, my ship xD

But yeah, the other characters I feel no perso,al attachments to
…at all.

The characters closely resemble Katy and Daemon (Anna and Kai) but no one can beat that hybrid Alien luxen family, NO ONE.

But yeah, Sweet Evil, good read! Do iiiiittttt!!


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