In a nutshell:
When some of the Southern slave owners ignored Abraham Lincoln’s Eamncipation Proclamation even after the Civil War and decided to move to Texas, where slavery was still being practiced. When slavery was deemed illegal, banned and slaves were set free in Texas, up came the name Juneteeth.

(( A little upset that Juneteenth was apparently not as important as Valentines Day or St. PAtrick’s Day or Memorial Day or Labor Day or Fathers Day or Mothers day that Google can’t bother to make a cool animation thing in their logo for it.
I depended so much in you…Google…who could you do this to me…to everyone…*exaggeration*))
150 years ago, Black America was finally free from slavery in the United States.


I'm proud of my skin

It is Black America’s own Independence Day.

It is very important.

It is VERY, very important.

We are all beautiful.
We are all resilient.
We are all here to stand up for equality and justice.
It was granted years ago, but we’re still not quite there yet.
So let’s stay beautiful, let’s stay resilient, let’s stand up for equality and justice believing that it can be achieved.


I'm proud of my smile

“There is no room for hate…just love. So we forgive him”

I didn’t even know there was such thing until today and it was nice to hear something new about it…even though it’s overhshadowed by the terrorist at a church that killed 9 black people.

But if you’re reading this, appreciate one more thing that this nation has done right and had changed.

I only hope there’s another change coming, a peaceful and non violent change for the better.


I'm proud of my heritage and race.



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