Recording my progress…Requirem

At 5.5% : what?!?!? Nooo ALEX, WHY ARE YOU…IM SO SORRY BUT DONT LIIEE!!! Let Lena help you. Don’t fall into the ZOMBIE’s WAY OF THINKING!
And you Lena! Julian deserves to KNOW WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN YOUR HEAD LIKE UUHHHGGG YOURE HURTING the poor baby!!!!
And Hana, *starts sobbing uncontrollably* I thought Lauren Oliver planned some cool escape for you not to get cured but you did and now you’re…YOURE A ZOMBIE!!! But you’re tough! You love Lena, and you love Alex and you have memories,happy memories with them and Jenny and the creepy old house…you can overcome and help Jenny and help Grace and I believe in you, Hana. If Lauren Oliver kills you off at the end…she will not .


71.2% :

An eye for an eye…and the world goes blind

I love that!! I hope Lena doesn’t do anything like that…I hope she takes Corals words and try to stop the Resistance and her mother from doing something terrible. The zombies killed hundreds of their people…if they retaliate by killing hundreds…they’re are no better. Lena once said that to Raven…she has to realize that NOW. Or Julain has to…
I like Coral but I hate the fact that she felt some kind of attachment to Alex. I’m 50/50 with Alex leving. If he stayed, I feel like Lena would’ve continuously felt guilty for loving someone else, thinking he was dead, that it was her fault she suffered so much and he too would have had to see Lena suffering everyday, knowing she lovesJulian . But

The end:

But what if I fall?
Darling, what if you fly?

The end of this series reminds me of that quote. Now time for freaking out.

WHAAAATTT?! What HAPPENE!?!?!? uuhhhggg I absolutely despise endings like this. To me it’s like the book isn’t finished!!! And I have the urge to write a billion fanfictions and sequels about what ocukdve happened that wouldn’t be as good as the authors version that she hasn’t WRITTEN IN THE BOOK!

Alex comes back. Yay whoo. WHAT HAPPENS?
Julian changes, 180°. Great transformation. WHAT HAPPENS?
Hana…oh hana!!!
RAVEN DIES?!!?!? Uhgggygtttttfdhsywcdueceyysbwufyvewiydeh this is my frustration and anger. I CANT BELIEVE IT. FOR a while as I continued reading I excepted Tack to pop up crying for once in his life holding Raven in his arms telling Lena she’s alive. What about Tack? What about her mom?


You do not know what will happen if you take down the walls; you cannot see through to the other side, don’t know whether it will bring freedom or ruin, resolution or chaos. It might be paradise or destruction. 
Take down the walls.
Otherwise you must live closely, in fear, building barricades against the unknown, saying prayers against the darkness, speaking verse of terror and tightness.
Otherwise you may never know hell; but you will not find heaven, either. You will not know fresh air and flying.
All of you, wherever you are: in your spiny cities, or your one bump towns. Find it, the hard stuff, the links of metal and chink, the fragments of stone filling you stomach. 
And pull, and pull, and pull.
I will make a pact with you: I will do it if you will do it, always and forever.
Take down the walls.


I can’t eve, begin to…okay. They invade Portland.From the ending I can at least deduct that they get the city. What about the others? What about New York? San Franciso? The drifters in Canada? EVEN IN PORTLAND, what happens after the kids, resistance, symptathizers read down the wall slab by slab of concrete???? Does chaos rule over because now everyone has freedom, but in a mix of duress and uncured with no leaders, scavengers roaming around? Will it be utter and total chaos with no leader, anarchy? Or will freedom BE anarchy? Will they somehow sort thselves out? Or will it be some kind of republic again if the US with someone elected as leader, starting with Portland?

Is chaos or order born from this protest?!?!

Is Hana defective? Can she go back to who she was before? Is she like Lena’s mother? Does the cure face away? Will she remember? Is Fred for Heaven’s sake dead or alive?!? Did Eussex explode? Did Pippa actually plant the bomb?!?! Is Hana going to be safe? Where is she?? Will Lena go and look for her?

Julian…will He understand or still fight for Lena like the Solomon story?! I know Alex has proven his love for Lena by being the mother that lets the child go because they don’t want it cut in half and thsfs how King Solomon knows the true mother of the baby. In this, case, that’s how we know Alex loves Lena more. So is that supposed to make us thin Alex and Lena will be ‘renewed’ even though she promised Julian…was Alex’s warning

Don’t believe what she says

a sort of connnection that she would break the promise to be with Alex?!?!

WHAT ABOUT RAVEN AND TACK???? What about her MOTHER?! About Jenny and her Aunt? Do we all assume their all dead?!?

God I’m sooooo confused I want to lay down at 12:34 at night right now and cry becaus so is it finished this book, in one day, reading it since losing thinking it was the end, it has to be good. All the while I was getting to the end I was thinking, “how is she going to manage to solve everything in just 2% left???” UNTIL I GOT TO THE END AND REALIZE SHE WASNT PLANNING TO. THERE IS NO END.

I AM HIGHLY AGAINST THIS. This is incomplete. There has to be another book. I am not okay with this and there are Definitely more readers who are very NOT OKAY with this. I MEAN

Do I recommend this series? Yes.
Do I recommend this series if you are just like me and you NEEEEDDD a clean and precise ending?
No. Don’t do it.the series was amazing and I loved the plot and the story. Everything was great. The ending out everything to dust. The ending wasn’t an ending. You know whar, there was no ending at all.

Uhg…such a wonderful series, planned and everythi,g thought through, beautiful…and then slapped in the face with no ending…I’m going to sleep now and then wake up and then realize the bitter truth of the fiction world…


We have to figure out out own ending. This is our “freedom”. She won’t decide it for us…kinda like a slap in the face. “How do you like your freedom now?” so has she been against Lena the whole time even though Lena is the main character fighting for freedom and right to make your own choice? Because now if I understand correctly…Lauren Oliver gave us a choice to pick whatever ending we felt was needed…so is she mocking us? Taking the zombie side? Or…am I reading too much into this??? No it seems to fit…ing now I have to read the entire book and look for evidence!!!!

But yeah…thstsmyreview. Book was amazing. Ending sucked. Uhhgff


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