Review of RENT

“Collins: Lets always stay friends

Joanne: Tho we may have our disputes

Maureen: This Family Tree’s got deep roots

Mark: Friendship is Thicker Than Blood

Rodger: That Depends

Mimi: Depends on Trust

Rodger: Depends on True Devotion

Joanne: Depends on love

Mark: Depends on not denying emotion

Rodger: Prehaps.

All: It’s gonna be a Happy new Year

Rodger: I guess”

I know it’s not a book but the movie…that movie was a masterpiece. It’s Broadway plays like these that I just love; RENT, A Raisin in the Sun, the Taming of a Shrew etc. I love those kinds of plays and RENT was simply just as amazing if not more!

But sadly, I watched the movie, not the play. But I still love it. I love how it deals with the reality that many of us ignore unconsciously, chose to ignore, or just not know.

Disease-  AIDS AND HIV are REAL

Drugs and Addiction – Heroin etc.  are REAL, REAL problem


“Will I lose my dignity?

Will I wake tomorrow?  From this nightmare”

And it also deals with the problems of this generation, my generation, the 1990’s baby; millennials. Teenagers, young adults, growing up trying to do what you love. The problem that contributes to it, all the factors. The guy who wrote the play, Jonathan Larson, said he loved the meaning of the word “RENT” because of it’s meaning.

RENT- “pull to pieces” “tear” “split”

The problems people have to face, maybe not even in New York. Growing up, we’re told, “ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE” or “TRY YOUR BEST AND YOUR DREAM WILL COME TRUE”.

RENT gives us the reality of the meaning of all those phrases that are meant to encourage us but are actually not true. You work hard, you believe, but there are other factors that hold you back. But if you work hard, believe, you gain something you never expect to. I don’t know what that thing is, maybe experience for the future, but in RENT, what the group found was love and friendship and family.

I don’t know if I’m explaining this right or not but RENT acknowledges all problems; unemployment, financial crises, homelessness, trying to pursue your dream, loneliness, making mistakes etc. This is the reality. In movies, problems are immediately solved or will be. ( Another reason I love books. There is no guarantee there’s a happy ending. So in a way, even fiction is non-fiction in a way).

It has cussing, drugs, the arts, people trying to achieve something…it is inspiring, very though I don’t know how. I wish there would be another play and I could go watch.

So RENT might seem inappropriate but think of it in terms of reality; this is whats going on in the world TODAY. THIS IS ALL REAL. There are lesbians, fluid genders and transgenders and homelessness and protest gatherings…etc. So if someone says this is inappropriate and wrong, then great, you’ve figured out the world.

She/he looked at him and said “I’m more of a woman than you’ll ever get, and more of a man than you’ll ever be”

I love it, I love it.

I LOVE THAT the lawyer is in the middle of all the directors and singers and performers and fits in. CHARACTER RULES OVER ANYTHING. 

I LOVE THAT Angel is the symbol of family and love and friendship.

As symbols?

Mark- the witness, the one good media out of a million, trying to make people see but is trampled upon by the big media

Rodger- the loner, the one trying to forgive and forget the past, trying to understand life and his own decisions, trying to save himself from anymore hurt and lonliness

“One blaze of glory…Find Glory…Find the one song, before the virus takes hold, Glory, like the sunset. One song, to redeem this empty life. Time flies, and there’s no need to endure anymore! Time dies-

Mimi- the juxtaposition, the one with contrasts; sweet, flirty, likes the finer things in like, yet shes strong and brave, she’s confident, she settles with her rattly apartment and her awful job and is fearful. She is fearful of today and tomorrow but she wants to forget, she doesn’t want to think of what will happen in the next hour, the next day, she just wants to live for the moment. Yet she wants to give up heroin, she hates her disease…


“I’ve had a knack, from way back, of breaking the rules once I learned the game. Get up, life’s too quick, I know some place sick, where this chick will dance in the flames…


“In the evening, I’ve got to roam can’t sleep in the city of neon and chrome. Feels too damn much like home…where the Spanish babies, cry. So lets find a bar, so dark we forget who we are. Where all the scars from the ‘never’s and ‘maybe’s die!”


“There’s only us; they’s only this. Forget, regret. Or life is yours to miss. No other road, no other way. No day, but today…

There’s only now, only tonight; give in to love. Or live in fear. No other path, no other way. No day, but today

Angel, Collins, Joanne, Maureen, all of them, even Benny. They all represent and mean something in society that needs to come together.

So yeah, I love the movie.

(Though until I got to “Glory” I thought it was a VERY WEIRD Movie so just giving you a heads up)


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