Hummingbirds and BookOutlet

I JUST saw a hummingbird outside of my window and now I realize why sometimes you need to just go outside and sit in nature. You never know what tou might see. I saw a humming bird flutter to the tree and sit on one of the leaves. it was SO TINNNYYY! And its wings were so small and fast I was just watching it. I don’t even think it even sat on the leaves. That was the tiniest bird I’ve ever seen and the wings were like…something so simple and common yet I JUST REALIZED it and I am so mindblown.

I think I’ve gone to loving Leopards and Cougars to loving Hummingbirds. It was so beautiful and graceful and fast like…I want it to sit on my finger so I can sing to it or something. It was simply one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Also before I was looking at trees in my window, I saw another blogger’s post  with the tag BookOutlet.

Imagine my suspicion that there was ANOTHER website where you can buy books up to 70% less minus sales tax of what you can buy books for at Barnes and Nobles or Amazon.


BUT IT LOOKS LEGIT. I made an account; i haven’t purchased my first book of the site yet but it REALLY sounds legit. I found TONS of books already and I’ll add them to my TO-READ list. I also found books I read A LONG TIME ago and…it just brought back feels. Like Eve and Adam by K. A. Applegate and Michael Grant and the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo. They brought back memories…

But I see REALLY good books on there for like… $2.99 and stuff so I’m very excited to check out the website! I’ll keep you guys all updated whether this site is really valid or just another scam. If it is…:( *sad face*


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