I think it’s weird, sad and interesting that the phrase ‘last year’ can quickly turn into ‘5 years ago’. I really wish…there was a way to savor moments like pictures, but keep them in jars kind of…so that unlike pictures, they don’t get lost, or wear down or lose their value sometimes. Or like CDs and videos that watching them just doesn’t give you the feeling anymore. I wish we could collect memories like we do pictures…collect memories in jars so when ‘last month’ becomes ‘s long time ago’ , when we open the jars, we have the same feeling as we did then and we remmeberm. Because our thoughts, actions and experiences all shape is. And there are so many that the most important, or the most mundane if them get lost easily in our heads. It would really be great to be able to save them…and then go back and remember and live through 5 second moments that change or lives. Moments that make us remember why we made certain decisions or how we came to make them and the plans we make…or the frustration and anger we get when all we have to do is think back and remember why we are here and what were doing it for.
If I could save the moments with my friends, the advice my parents have me, the transition to knowing the career I wanted to oursue, the plans I’m still forging, the virtual road I’m creating in my head…so that when ‘yesterday’ becomes ’10 years ago’ I still remember the nights I stayed up imagining what would be in the next 10 years…
I wish we could save moments. Memories get lost gradually. But moments…remembering even the simplest of moments would probably be one of the greatest things in the world.

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