Black and White by Richard Williams

Those of you who play or watch tennis yes, yes it’s the very same Richard Williams who coached his daughters and raised them to be superstar athletes and groom one into my favorite idols: Serena Williams.
I don’t read nonfiction much (at all??) but I’m very excited to read this book because:

1) I’m Black
2) I’m interested in learning how such amazing girls have been groomed by their father through very tough racial times to be who they are now
3) I want to learn just how he taught them to deal with society and how Serena has become so strong that the unnecessary and rude comments that she was born a man or she’s a man, she hasn’t lost her sight in what really matters and managed to crush and still on the comments with wonderful dresses that show off her exquisite beauty. (BTW, A woman can have muscles. We do NOT live in the 18th century people and I’m so glad there’s a wonderful example of a 21st century successful black woman to prove that)
4) Tips!!! I want lots of tennis tips!!! Tips tips tips!!!!

So yes, I’m VERY VERY EXCITED TO READ Black and White by Richard Williams xD. The thing is I still haven’t done my summer assignment for English even though I did the one for Physics, Stats and French…ish. So I have to finish that this week…then the club stuff…but I will definately do it and review it xD

Expect it!

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