Diary of an Oxygen Thief?!?!!!?

I saw this tweet on my LuvleyFiction Twitter page (Twitter timeline? Twitter feed????) and this one person posted the first page of Diary of an Oxygen Thief by Anonymous. I still don’t know how to download pictures of Twitter yet so I can’t post what I read on here but it’s very…interesting I guess?

Basically, the first person character speaking “likes to hurt girls”. But not phudically4. He has never hit a girl in his life except once but “But that was an accident and” he’ll tell us about it later. But he likes to hurt girls mentally, like how serial killers have no regrets or remorse for the people the kill, he has none for the girl’s he mentally hurts. And he likes it because it’s perfect legal. And he likes killing them, not physically but…their soul (or something like that…)

Okay…creepy. Very creepy but interesting. Seems like a psychological-mental type of book like Its Kind of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini (I always spell his last name wrong…) except obviously going in deeper into the psychological mind. I love books like that because all of this he’s ststing, it’s Defi,atelt up to the reader to either determine what type of psychological illness this character has (what type of insanity) OR to like…make up your own…insanity for the character. Like when I read Its Kind of a Funny Story I diagnosed every since one of the characters (except Craig’s sister, Sarah I think?) of some kind of psychological or mental illness. But that was about depression.

This probably goes WAAYYY deeper into the brain and stuff…GOOS RHING I JUST GOT THE ‘It’s a brain’ coloring book. It’s so fun, because you get to color sections of the brain certain colors and it gives you a summary of what it does and there’s a quiz at the end of the chapter….

I should probably be studying for my upcoming ACT/SAT, reading to write reviews…work on my club…but this soooo fun not to mention education and in my interest zone.

So anywho, I really want to read this book.

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