OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!

So as I listened to my new music genre interest, classical instrumental guitar (from guitar class), I stumbled upon…hold on:

I stumbled upon….THIS AWESOME MALL OF AWESOME BOOK STUFFS!! It’s really amazing and since I have some money saved up I’ll buy JUST A FEW of these… not all of it like I would want to. Financing money is too of mtlist since this year in virtual business we’re “going to get paid” and “rent apartment and buy cars and houses” virtually with virtual money, I have to start practicing xD

Anyway, Here is the awesome awesomeness!!!




I can’t find the website it’s in though :c
But Google is always available if you’d want to search any of this!

Toodiloo! Btw, AFROPUNK FEST?! Does anyone know about it?!?!?!

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