Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and Frankenstein by Mary Shelly PART 1

So…this is the one time I actually have time for this and even now, I only have about 10 minutes to do this because you will not believe the amount of things I didn’t even IMAGINE I had to do for a new club at my school and AP Lit…but JUST when I start to feel just a little anxious my tennis coach gives the varsity team a life lesson about balance and priorities and patience. So even when I’m sweaty and stinky, sore, very sleepy, a little burnt, I feel rejuvenated somehow because like…right on dude. Lol, but I mean everything he said was absolutely one hundred percent correct and as an athlete AND an AP/Honors student (currently searching to explore more of what my school has to offer IN THE LAST YEAR -__-) I know this. To succeed there’s nothing more important than balance and patience. You have to plan, you have to organize, you have to balance and go through the classes like steps. But sometimes…even if I know, its the kind of thing you don’t think about until you remember or until someone reminds you.

So yes, I have a lot of stuff going on this year including trying to attend the football games BESIDES just Homecoming and going to the school dances besides Prom and Formal. I GOT THIS. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of that.

And I hope I’ve reminded you that YOU GOT THIS. The number factor to succeed in ANYTHING is NOT talent, it’s MOTIVATION, IT’S GRIT. Then it’s hardwork. Talent plays a role but I can tell you if you work hard and you work smart and you have enough grit, endurance and motivation you can definately reach and even surpass talent to the point that you EARNED the talent and you’re making more use of it than someone else slacking off because they have the talent. You got this.

And know that grit isn’t as short and as easy of a characteristic as the word itself sounds. YOU have to know that if what you did now wasn’t enough, you shouldn’t just stay at the point of “not enough”. It is okay to have a low point. It is okay to fail. It is okay to be wrong. Do NOT have the expectation that success is a straight line. What is not okay is to stay down, stay a failure, stay wrong. Because failure is not failure unless you don’t get up; if you fall and get back up, it’s not failure, it’s error, and error it’s okay, think of math. It’s grit, getting back up, finding out what you did wrong, how it was supposed to work, and how you can make it work BETTER. In this one movie Will Smith starred in, he said

“If you ask me something, and I don’t know,

I’ll tell you I don’t know. But you bet I know how to find out,

and I will” (or something like that)

He didn’t say, if I don’t know, I don’t know. He said, If I don’t know, I’LL BE HONEST and TELL YOU I DON’T KNOW, but you bet I’m going to impress you NEXT TIME because I will go and find out. That is perseverance, that is grit. BEFORE HE SAID THAT HE WENT TO JAIL FOR AN UNPAID PARKING TICKET BECAUSE HE AND HIS SON WERE LIVING IN A TRAILER. HE RAN TO HIS INTERVIEW IN DIRTY CLOTHES.

I’m not saying do that becuase appearance does matter regardless of society’s hypocracy -__- appearance does matter. But do you have the confidence, do you have that self-discipline, that determination and grit that when you set your mind to something, no matter what, you will accomplish it. And if you step in a deep hole, you will get out of it with your twisted foot or whatever, AND PUSH ON.

Without challege, there is no change.



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