Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and Frankenstein by Mary Shelly PART 2

So in that last post I started talking about challenges and changes. This was my question, NOT prompt, for my summer essay:

“Does obedience and submission create a better world?”

The answer to me, was obviously no but there’s always a why, so here it is.

With obedience and submission, the predicted results is a utopia, or a better world. But authority does not always equal leadership. Why is it that the majority of monarchs are extinct of inactive in the world to day? Humans are curious; humans want to explore, we constantly want to know and as we see in Frankenstein, sometimes that natural curiousity and instinct goes beyond the imaginary line of what should and should we not do just because we can. But for now…humans cannot, and have constantly proven over and over again, submit and obey an authority as extremely as depicted in Brave New World. With every monarch, there has been a revolution or some advancement in technology, the arts, or the sciences that have made the people rebel. Most of the rebellions against the monarchs and authoritatian figures were by sparked by writers and authors who WROTE about the suffering of people, dug deep and exposed what have been in the minds of people for a long time and open up the question. So in BNW, John is the spark. When people submit and obey to authority, there is always at least one person who says… “has anyone really not thought of this?” and exposes it, tries to bring about some clarification, a revolution.

Also, humans just don’t have it in them. Even animals do not always abide to authority. BUT THE THING IS, humans are also super obessessive over security, safety. With the promise of absolute or close to absolute security, it’s not hard to believe that it was so easy and so extreme to see people submit obediently to authority and try to do their part to maintain that. Does it bring about a better society though? No. There’s no progression. I understand in BNW, they were very advanced in science and technolody and there were weird sexes and classes and stuff. But the world is full of opposites. there needs to be just a little chaos, just a little head poking above the crowd saying “but” or”why” or “are you serious?” to bring about change, thoughts, individuality, free will, YOUR own self discipline, your own choice whether you will succeed or not. You need to have all of that to have accidental changes. YOU NEED A CHALLENGE. YOU CANNOT BE COMPLACENT. YOU NEED TO ADVANCE. (I;m pretty competitive if you haven’t noticed Xd)

That being said, it doesn’t mean you should be Victor Frankenstein and try to be God; try to create life and conquer death. Like, just because you can, should you? In some cases, yes. Everything has an exception and I think with the whole regenerating arms and making bottle babies in labs, that’s “natural”. It comes from a cell, it comes from a mother’s womb, they insert it back to help, even though the world is over populated right now and no one seems to care…But when we get to CREATING a life, it’s not the same as recreating life which isn’t even recreating because the person is already alive. If they send pluses of electricity through their body to get their heart rate started again, that’s fine.

But NOT to search someone else’s DEAD body, without their consent, take their parts, CREATE (KEY WORD CREATE) LIFE…THAT’S too selfish. Humans are naturally selfish but are we REALLY that VAIN? We want to live longer, AND reproduce more AND CREATE life all while our huge planet is getting smaller and smaller every year.

I am all for advancing in technology, advancing in science, accepting challenges, asking questions, wondering what if and testing it out…AS LONG AS WE HAVE SET A LIMIT, A LINE, AND WHAT THAT LINE WILL BE.

This can be a matter or religion but it is also a matter of what we all call “Humanity.”

I would love to write more because I love science and yeah…but I have to start my homework -_-

btw, stats is like…the worst math there is. I don’t like it but I don’t mind taking it for a grade and for…life I guess lol. English…ehhh…we read His Coy Mistress and to the Virgins, make use of Time or something like that and Young Goodman Brown (that short story was so weird and I don’t like stories that end like that. I’ve been looking for clues since yesterday on whether it was a dream or real and I’m so annoyed…) I’M GOING TO GET MY PEER COUNSELING FORM SIGNED AND IM SO HAPPY BECAUSE I GET TO HELP PEOPLE!!! I’m super excited like I serious;y can’t wait to do this, imagine how awesome it would be to help the Special Ed. students learn things and help with the track meet and help sell stuff for them to take field trips and stuff and it’s just really awesome xD and then Virtual Business, I HAVE TO WEAR BUSINESS ATTIRE TOMORROW BECAUSE WE ARE PRESENTING OUR BUSINESS PITCHES AND GET THIS (I’m the only one besides one other boy who want to stick with our concept. So we have to convince all of them and pitch our company so great, all of them will want to pursue it!) Guitar is also going great! A ittle confused with the note reading because I’ve never read a single note in my life but it’s going okay…and CP first CP class in High School…It’s really easy…like, reaslly easy. I’m easily bored in it because I don’t feel the challenge…I guess I’m sadistic because it seems I like stress causing classes over non stressful ones but I went to go change my schedule today and MY COUNSELOR TOLD ME I COULDN’T SWITCH TO AP PHYSICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’M going now…toodilooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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