You know when,you want something so bad and you worked so hard and you just lose or don’t get it and you just cry? But not because you didn’t get it but because you knew how competitive you are and knew just how much you had to work and even with all that, you still lose.

I just want to remind everyone that it’s okay to feel down because you can work very hard and still lose. Its just…that. But you know…don’t let that blunt your chances of doing better and working even harder at 200% to get it or to get something else.

Like I feel down right now, I just want to put all my homework done and listen to some classic guitar and sleep. But I can’t lol. But that’s not the point. The point is I’m not going to remain like this for long. It might last tonight but tomorrow is a NEW, DAY. The consequence of today might carry onto tomorrow and probably the entire semester but everyday after this I have a chance to make better if my situation. If I remain down, I’m wasting those chances, their useless and HONESTLY, I’m not the kind of person to waste and not make use of resources. The sun
comes up (not really, it’s the Earth that does the moving but whatever) and it goes down.

When that big annoying ball of I’m going to bake you all comes out at 4:30 In the morning,it means whatever happened yestersay, is forgotten. I have to make use,make bettee, innovate, GO FURTHER. That’s the grit, guys.

And when that bigball of darkness goes down, it’s the same question each day. How can I be better tomorrow? What did I do today that I can learn from from the further? I’ll go:

How can I be better tomorrow? I can speak my mind, ASK people what I’m not clear about,make sure what I think is what it is. Communicate, assertiveness. I can be assertive without being rude. I haave to expose my self confidence,let it blind people that yea,she knows who she is and what’s her doing.

What did I do today that I can learn from further? I can learn to manage my impatience. I didn’t thi,k I was impatient but I am, and I need to learn to manage it, and wait. Some things take a while. Its not always great to force something, to force yourself to BE PERFECT. Baby steps or big steps but jumping to the finish isn’t recommended.

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