Review for Poems???

So I was listening to this…

And it reminded me of the Carpe Diem [Seize the Day] Poems I had to read for AP Lit and I thiught,why not review them?! Right?

So the first poem was “To the Virgins, Make Use of Time” by Robert Herrick.

Basically this one was a little weird. I could see where he was coming from when he was saying time would soon come for them and I understand that in the context of when he wrote the poem,marriage was a big deal. So I d you want to have fun, if you want to #YOLO, get married. Yeah, no.just now. And it was like the Scarlet Letter; EVERY WORD EVERY LINE EVERY PERIOD AND COMMA WAS SOME SORT OF SYMBOL OR PARALLEL OR ALLUSION TO SOMETHING ELSE LIKE WHAT?!
So it was a little confusing but eh, it was interesting to see that marriage was considered something you should do before you die, like a must do, not jump out of plane or walk the Great Wall of China, nope, get married. Lol it was a little funny.

“His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvell however, was not. I hated it. Marvell is the stereotypical guy who only cares about what’s under a woman’s skirt. At the beginning I thiught, well he’s respecting her hesitation so that’s good. And then came the “but”.

First of all, you won’t get a girl to have sex with you if you tell her that oh, if you don’t I won’t be attracted to you anymore and time will fly and what you thought was so important that you kept it to yourself will turn to dust with all my list and that she won’t be beautiful anymore????

It was insulting and if I was the woman I would’ve kicked him out of the house because I don’t care if this is the 17th century or something. There has always been something called respect and women who were in the cult of domesticity and submitted to male supremacy probably had respect from the husbands. Women were treasured, which was why they were kept in the house. So if you don’t respect your wife and treasure her and insult her like this, i don’t know if she had the right to kick the husband out but she should’ve tried.

Like gosh how desperate is he?! Uhhhhggggggg. I probably sound like a feminist right now and I honestly don’t know if I’m a feminist or not be a use there are so many different definitions for feminism and I don’t like most of the definitions I’ve seen. So if I become a feminist I will probably have my own definition that’s something like “equal respect for both genders and equal opportunities based on skills and character rather than gender and sexuality” or something like that, I haven’t thought much about that. but it’s not going to be “women who hate men” or “women are better than men” or “equality for just white women” or equality for just black women or equality for just transgendered women” no ALL WOMEN doesn’t matter whaT women you are if you’re a women, then yeah.

But man this guy REALLY makes me angry. He’s so cocky and arrogant and desperate and that’s the worst kind of combination he can have to write this poem. Uhhhhggggg just no. But I urge you all to read it and tell me what you thought…if you had a different opinion or something…

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