Updated Review on His Coy Mistress

So I really despise the writer of that poem. I mean I thought he was a jerk. Then in Lit we looked at the poem through a historical/biographical stand point and then through a formalist and moral/philosophical standpoint and now I really, really REALLY despise him.

We looked up the worD “quaint”, the meaning in the 17th century and that writer is a big ol jerk. I bet if he loved in the 21st century he would be under protection of the government because of all the people who would be angry by his poem. Like dude, we know you’re scared of time and you want to seize the day but calm down. Geez.

I apologize that this isn’t a good review update. Its like 10:35pm and I just looked over a bunch of interview stuff for Director of HR and I just studied for Stats…

Stats is not math. I repeat, statistics is not math. Its writing in disguise. I thought I took a math class…

Uhg. Like everything in the at class is either “really, they want us to point that out?” or “how can they expect us to point that out?!?!?!?” Its just..muhhg.

Goodnight to you all beautiful souls. I hope your week finishes great and happy Friday. Remember, no matter how bad your week was, make Friday great and end with a cheer!

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