So I woke up at 3 am very very abruptly because guess what….HEARTBURN!!! I ate a really long time ago but no, my body choses to have acid reflux now!

And not it’s 4:36 and it doesn’t show any signs of dropping after I finally took my antacid medicine that I’m supposed to take before every meal…I just sort of forgot because I don’t like the thought oftaking a pill before every meal…

So here I am paying the consequence of that and trying to figure out if I should just take a super and used the extra time to wash and dry my hair and rewrite my English essay or when it srops, which I predict will be around 5, I can get 1 hour of sleep at least before I wake up at 6. But if it doesn’t stop at 5 there’s really no point in me going to sleep again which is bad because I have a game tomorrow and…a lot of other things.

But I think I know why. I left my lunch in a teqchers classroom and she left and locked the door so I couldn’t get any good. And I realized I left my money at home (sigh…yeah) and then I had a lot of things to do anyway so I didn’t even get time to eat my friends banana. (Homecoming practice, getting club paperwork…) just that took the entire lunch period. When the bell rang I was like “oh noooo” and my friend is like “I just threw away my banana…”

But she gave me chocolate and I don’t know if you guys know but chocolate also causes acid reflux but I didn’t think of that so I ate it anyway and 3 hours after that I played an intense game of 1 Pro Set (8 games, 1 match) of Singles tennis…then I went home and basically ate an entire kitchen of chicken and my mom’s awesome cabbage stew and I was like praising her because it was so good and it had been too long!

Anyway,that might be it. And since I haven’t had heartburn for a while I just forgot about it and went back to sleeping on my back/stomach even though I usually sleep on my side because of this.


I had to sneeze and the moment I went to take a d33p breath BAM!!! My chest was in immense pain!

Okay I’m probably exaggerating it wasn’t that bad lol. But it does hurt and before I knew it was acid reflux I would always cry and think I was having we sort of heart attack or heart problem…lol like I’m too young and healthy to be having this problem, whats going on?!?!

Anyway, thats why I’m posting at this time of the night (errrrr morning haha).

Rogue. Rouge guys. Had ANYONE read Rouge?? I’m waiting until I finish taking the ACT and SAT in October before I read it!!!!!

And if you could give me any tips for both tests I would appreciate that!!

Thank you and toodolooo!!!!!

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