Barnes and Nobel Again!!!

I went or Barnes and Nobles today but for a totally different reason: to take a practice SAT again. So all I could do was stare at the books longingly when I took breaks between the parts.

If you’re on PST you will notice it’s about 12:30 am about right now and I would to say yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. AP Literature has taken control of my life and is steering me in a deep pit of darkness (Heart of Darkness Pun) like…I can’t even do Stats or Physics anymore and I actually like Stats and Physics. Which is the total opposite of what I expected to happen.

Anyway,my hands are cramping from writing notecsrda and what not and my eyes are trying to burn out of my head and I just got done and I’m trying to decide whether to finish my Lab Report at lunch or just do it now and take a nap at lunch tomorrow…as for Stats…I won’t be able to do anything even if I tried. So yeah, I’ll do it during lunch and as for Stats, I’ll just try to push through it I guess. Its practice for the SAT anyway!

Anyway, my club stuff is also going great! 56 sign ups!!!! How awesome is that!? And I’ve been winning my matches in tennis so that’s also exciting. After October 24 I’ll be free to read ANYWHERE ANYTIME I WANT#!!!! not really but…I get to read sometime I least…I hope o.o.

Also at Barnes and Nobles there was this one bag that was like 40 dollars and I’m like “nahhh” and there was another one that was 17 dollars and it was so much better because in the front it had the quote by Abraham Lincoln:

“My best friend is a person that brings me books I have not read.”

And another by Erasmus:

“When I get little money, but books. Whatever is left I buy food and clothes.”

That is me 95%. I slept kind out there this thing in town where you donate books to the library and they send it to the foster center,and I thought that was SUPER COOL becaus I’m part of the Teen Adivosry Board there so I can totally propose that idea to the Supervisor.

You know ehat, I’m going to sleep now.

Toodaloooo!!! Be awesome and laugh and smile and REEAADDDD! Look at how smart Matilda got just by reading!!!!!

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