My Late night thoughts

The more I have been unable to fuel my mind with pop fiction reading the more I find myself staying up thinking about what exactly?

I stay up thinking about how every single human being on Earth has their own mind and the capacity to literally do whatever they want but are handicapped, restrained, and or supressed by the basics of everyday life. How utterly amazing it is that through all the evils of the present there’s still one person smiling. How utterly amazing it is that through all the good in the world there’s someone in tears and in pain. How utterly amazing it’s our brain and how utterly intelligent is our ability to precieve the world in such a way that these events no longer because such a major surprise to us. Our brain from the very first breath we take into the world just keeps evolving, changing, maintaing, erasing, creating, believing, refusing, agreeinf, just constantly in action and just ONE default can completely alter everything, just like in genetics just ONE SINGLE CHROMOSOME OR PAIRING can completely change the function of multiple organs INCLUDING THE BRAIN.

I feel like the brain is something that can never be understand and for a piece of tissue that just fascinates me more because it should be one of the main things we should be concerned about. It is what makes us think, what makes us believe and depending on how it perceives and handles information it can make us average human beings who go to work or extraordinary ones able to approach other brains in such a different way that we make a impact through history!!! How exciting is that?!!! I’m a geek for a subject I want to learn more about. I want to know how it is that some people are evil and some are not, in a scientific view, setting aside religious ones. I want to see how some people are more sensitive and how the brain adapts to the different generations based on society’s influence. But not only that, HOW does it do this!!!!!?????? How does the external influence effect is so deeply to the chemical level where neurotransmitters became limited or overabundant. Guys, this is so interesting like I want to figure it outtt and learn about it now!!

This is what I think about….at night…when I think about my future. I’ll be one of those geeks with glasses who love what they do and love talking about it!!

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