I already know I’m going to be staying up late today so I’m just going to do this now:
I apologize for not posting my Super Encouraging Quote for the day. Because my mornings are super tight (i try to squeeze in 6-7 hours of sleep and have breakfast and dress nice and STILL make it to school ON TIME (trust me, it’s a challenge on its own)), I’m going to take back what I said… I’ll only be doing that just once a week now…

But to make up for it, I’ll also get Stats puns!!!!!!! For one day. Soooooo….introducing:

Terrible Pun Wednesday!!!!!!!
Motivation Monday!!!
(hopefully I’m not stealing someone else’s phrase. If I am and that person somewhere finds me, sorry I didn’t know o.o)

But there it is!!! Something to keep the blog active AND act as a stress reliever for both you AND me because I take great, GREAT joy in sharing my punny puns xD

So I hope you’re ready for this!! I’m going to be reading a book by Sarah Dessen soon so all of you (thise) who have read Sarah Dessen or have heard of hee, keep an eye out for my next review!!!!

Peace in, Peace out! (my new catchphrase…also hoping I didn’t steal it from someone out there..)

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