Motivational Monday!!

Almost done with Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen.I’m so embarrassed…it’s literally taken me the whole of October and some of September to read this book and it’s not even that long. Baahh!!!! I just want to read! But I also want to exert myself in reality and be awesome and help people and DO SOMETHING good. But I also want to reaadd. I do both thkufh, which explains why I’m up at 12:24 researching Pharmacy prerequisites for 2+3 and 4+2 colleges…while trying to read about caffine effects on the brain on my laptop.

Baah bllaaahhhh
I’m going to wake up tomorrow and read this and laugh and say “I wish I had Gone to bed.”
I’m already wishing that.

My advice, go to bed early folks! Unless toure planing for your future and have homework to do NOT because you procrastinated but honestly because you knew if you procrastinated it’ll take longer so you started Friday night and you’re still not done. At least I learn something new everyday, how about that?

Here ya go!!! I think I should start making them into pictures because I have this app that lets me make my own quotes and it’s awesome.

Anyway, stay motivated with these two quotes!


I hear the critcisms loud and clear. That is how I know that the time is near. To be, become alive in the time of fear. And I don’t got no…time to fear…

I love that ending…because it reminds me what I’m working towards now, lack of sleep, blah blah, it’s going to pay off. And if it doesn’t, I got the experience right? 😜😜😜

Have a good week guys. I promise I’ll be back! After December or something…

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