Motivation Monday (late…)

“I’m talking dreaming so hard sometimes it felt like I was trapped…with all the drive in the world you still need gas. Look, think about it. Close your eyes, dream about it, tell your team about it, go make million dollar schemes about it. Success is only in the distance…I can feel it…what do you know about waking up everyday feeling like you’re on a mission? ”

“If you write your name in stone then you’ll NEVER get the white out…on top of that became a female Black captain when being Black you had to extra, extra try…and she taught me how to drive. And she raised the kids and the kid’s kids and she did it right.”

“Taught me how to love, and not to cry when I die. Hope you teach me how to fly, all my life you’ve been the angel in disguise saying I hope you learn to make it on your own. Just know if you love yourself, you’ll never be alone.”

So this was a rap song by Big Sean called One man can change the World”. It should be changed to one human because you cannot exclude women xp

Anywaysss!!! I don’t listen to tap but when I do it’s this kind. I feel especially motivated when I listen to inspiration songs in the form of rapbe cause I feel liked hair SAYING it straight to me like “you can do this! Don’t use your gender, color or situation as an excuse. If you get an opporunity, take it, milk it and use it to your advantage to do more than you ever imagined and give others the same opportunity. That’s why you have told dream so that you can think big when you get these chances of else they’ll just escape.”

I feel VERY motivated when I listen to this song especially. Its not superficial like close your eyes, dream and wait for opportunity to knock on the door. Wait forlifeto hand you lemons to make lemonade. This song says reach for the lemon tree, shake the tree, think outside the box and get that opportunity. Lemons will fall, then use that to make lemon. Soon people will be bringing you lemons for your lemonade business.

So yeah, I like it xD

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