My phone stopped working because of an issue with the battery and the charger (an issue I fixed cx).

But after the first day of being without my phone my first thought wasn t “HOW WILL I TALK TO MY FRIENDS?!!” or “HOW WILL I GET ON SOCIAL MEDIA?” or something else phones are used for.

My first thought was “ALL MY DIGITAL BOOKS IN THERE!!!!!!!” and then my second thought was “HOW WILL I DO MY HOMEWORK AT SCHOOL?!?!”

Lol. Just wanted to show you guys how different people think. Honestly, that is all I use my phone for. And for calling my parents to update them on my happenings and whatnot. Its not that I don’t care about my friends; there’s email right??? And social media… I don’t even know if I have a Twitter or not. I can get on Facebook online and whatsup to talk to my cousins. And WordPress is on the desktop. So meh…Google is also on the desktop.

But its working now so I’m super happy!!!

That also explains why I didn’t get the chance to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!!!

If its not thanksgiving where you are, make sure you remind your parents and friends and family of how much they mean to you!

Toodilooooo my beautifuls c:

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