Need opinions!

First of all, I can’t remember if I said this but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

So I already have a twitter for this blog (#twitter #luvleyfiction) but I’m thinking of making an instagram too. What do you guys think? That way I can explore by photography skills and post pictures of books and quotes and stuff on the account…the posts will be mores quotes though. That way you guys can see why I like a certain book so much xD

Also I love music so much I’m thinking that since Word press has a music addition thing with spotify I could start adding my playlists and whatnot to my blog! These are all ideas that I would like to explore some more…like traveling someone to see if it’s a good place to be…good analogy?

Anyway, so there you are. I was thinking about vlogs too but that would just have to wait until next summer because I WILL ALMOST START VOLUNTEERING AT THE HOSPITAL THIS DECEMBER!!! Well…once I get an appointment to get my flu shot and get medical records from my doctor. I just hope we can do it quickly before the hospital volunteering term is over.

Anyways, that’s the update. Tell me what you want okay?! Annnndd have a GREAT day!

Toodiloo, my beauties!!!


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