Motivational Monday (sorry for lateness)

Mornings seem to be a major issue. I woke up today feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. And I was confused because no one was up and usually my mom is up by 6. What confused me though was the weird feeling I had…it wasn’t uncomfortable or bad it was just like a weird “what is happening?” kind of feeling even though it was just another Monday. So I’ll be going for a run today hopefully.

I’m trying to keep my nerves down because school…grades, freaking out. I might get my first C in the history of since 4th grade and it’s really REALLY FREAKING ME OUT BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND MR. TRUNELL!!!!!

-deep breaths- So motivation is very well deserved for me today and I hope this helps you too! Hey! If it helps, you’re wonderful, just harness your in,we awesomeness and realize that you’ll act not according to what someone else will judge you on but what you’ll judge yourself on so you better hold yourself to a pretty high standard and help a bunch of people and beat your standards and set the bar higher and always be challenged and happy. (Challenge yourself too much though and you’ll get a C in Physics even though you absolutely love the class and you’ll wonder why and want to cry but then you’ll tell yourself it is a challenge you will overcome sooner or later AND WHEN I RETAKE THAT PHYSICS CLASS IN COLLEGE I WILL CONQUER IT!!!!!!)

Be ambitious, it’s really important. But don’t be rude and one sighted though. Still be focused and ckncentrsted- ahhhhh it’s all difficult! But I believe in you! Anyone can achieve what it is within the reach of reality and many have achieved what is beyond to be believed reality. So honestly, the sky is not the limit. Who knows, someday you or someone else who’s awesome or me will make it possible to go out of the solar system (human out of the solar system) and then even the solar system won’t be your limit.

Just know that change is constant so don’t let something you do now hold you back.
Don’t let a mistake now maintain you from achieving something great.
Don’t let an achievement now make you complacent.
Don’t think your happiness is ephemeral.
Don’t think you’ve reached your breaking point; you will go past and you will go beyond.
Don’t ever think disappointment is failure.

Don’t you ever think you will be this way forever. Things happen for the good or for the better. It is up to you to take that break and give yourself a pep talk and bounce back even higher than where you were before.

You’re just going to go on a clean clear smooth ride, haha no. You’re going to fall and break and cry and honestly it’s going to be sad and you’re going to be like (WHY!!??? I tried so HARDDDDD I DID MY ABSOLUTE BEST!!! Whyyyyyy?!?!?!) “I can’t comprehend this” but that is what defines success. Your ability to crawl to the nearest water source and struggle to stand on your own two feet and say to yourself “There’s more to be done. I started this, I’ve got to finish. This means SO MUCH TO ME.”

If you don’t get up to finish something, then obviously you don’t want it bad enough (I’m retaking the SAT years from now. I’m more intelligent than that darn multiple choice test says I am :p and I’m going to prove it no matter how long it takes).

So that’s your motivation for the week. I hope it helps. Keep doing what you do,take a new step tomorrow. Heeeeeeyyyy. You NEVER know what you might accomplish in the next hour or the next day or week or month or year. You just have to want it, work for it, be smart about it and be patient.

Toodiloo, my wonderfuls. Have a wonderful day!!!!

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