I think I might get my first C ever in Physics which sucks because I really like the class.
I tried so hard to balance tennis, Teen Advisory Board, volunteering, SAT/ACT, College Apps, learning a new instrument (hat I will not give up on NO matter how difficult it is šŸ˜ž), managing a new club, trying to be reply quickly to Amnesty International’s field organizer, get new members + actually attend events, plan the only Write for Rights events in my town, eat healthy, play with my sibling sbecause it’s my last year with them before I leave for college, try not to forget my friends and go out once in a while…
While trying to get good grades.

Obviously it didn’t happen but right when I started adjusting to a busier schedule, my grades dropped and now I don’t know if I can bring them back up. I just need to vent right now…

Stats and Guitar and Lit are my difficult class and yet Physics is the one I have a C in. Uuhhhhgggg I can’t deal!

But I will. Because I will and you will too and it’ll be fine because the end result is: I gave it my all…tears, sweat, blood and all (like I gave myself multiple papercuts for some reason *cuz I had no sleep* and the railings at the mall are lined with weird stuff uhg).

We can do thiiiissss!!!

In the mean while, if you guys go to a high school, PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TRASH. Seagulls are not wanted on our campus or yours and it’s nice to keep everywhere clean. It’s not only good for the birds and other animal but it’s good for you. Who wants to walk on a trashy campus? And you have to clean up after yourswlf; unless you’re Donald Trump or President Obama or your mom loves you so very much, yojre old enough to walk a few meters to the trash can so please do and keep our campus clean. If you keep the campuses clean, chances are in other public areas you won’t throw your trash out somewhere else and it’ll make the world a little bit cleaner and save a few animal lives.

So on behalf of you, and your environmwnt, and all the animals that gather food around oh kid areas, PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TRASH!

Thanks, toodiloo!!
P.S. Some of you will be taking your finals tomorrow or Thursday, Goodluck!!!!

Sending positive vibes your way c:

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