Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

I made a script for my reviews so that if you guys ever NOT want to read y long reviews, you can just look it the stars I gave it.


Book: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Genre: RL Young Adult Fiction

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

5-word Summary: Hilarious, don’t read in public c:

Recommend? DEFINITELY!


General Review:

So I finished Attachments the day before my AP Statistics test (ironic that my Stats teacher recommended it for me???) and I LOVED IT!!

It’s the kind of book with the slow start but you have enough interest to keep reading it and when Lincoln becomes just a tad bit obsessive you’re like “What the heck?” BUT YOU KEEP READING ANYWAY! And after Beth finds out he exists you’re just like “OMG OMG OMG” and bam your’re hooked! It’s great, it’s perfectly written and I love it so much. It’s nothing like TTYL where it’s all just IM messaging. Like you see Beth and Jennifer’s life through emails and then there’s Lincoln’s through standard writing norm.

The whole book is just…it’s great c: There’s really nothing else to say except read it!

I have also learned to try to spoil as little as possible in a book so that’s probably why I’m not writing as much. But if you DO read it please comment so we can fangirl about the little awesome parts (every other page basically!!!)

It is wonderful truly for if you need a break from supernatural/paranormal and more of a I WANT TO LAUGH I CAN’T STAND ANYMORE SAD STORIES then this is it. If you’re looking for a sad story then Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen.


  • Beth and Jennifer One of my favorite characters to ever exist in the fictional world. These two…Rowell doesn’t have to say “They were best friends”; you can CLEARLY see that they are the bestest of friends and would gladly die for the other. They are like…two peas in a pod. I wouldn’t mind reading their life story honestly. Beth and Jennifer’s personality are so alike but if someone was to say a statement, I would probably now which one of them it came from. They’re so similar but so different it’s crazy!
  • Chris- Chris is just…like be who you want but you can’t go around being rude to people. The moment when (SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Beth breaks with him I was busy with my mouth hanging open wondering if he had said what he said, thinking it would sound all romantic but backfired or he knew it wouldn’t sound romantic but he “just wanted to be honest”? WHAT?
  • Lincoln- This man is too precious for this world. He is, truly. He’s so nice and yes he has flaws but he’s still perfect in a flaw-yes way. He’s sweet and kind yet awkward and a bit naive. After Sam and everything. At first I found it strange that he was still living with his mother but it clearly played in as part of the plot. He lets other people control him, lets the world control him and doesn’t speak out against anyone or anything and is too nice to do so until Beth. When he (SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER goes to quit his job he just plain out tells Chuck he is. And he writes a letter to Beth.. and he follows her after the scene in the cinema!). Lincoln is a sweetheart and despite his size, he’s probably one of the sweetest and softest male character there is and I love it!

So should you read this book? Yes, yes you should!



Beth to Jennifer: If our foremothers could hear us, they would regret winning the sexual revolution.

Jenifer to Beth: My mother didn’t fihgt in the sexual revolution. She’s not even aware it happened. My dad left 20 years ago, and she still goes on about The Man being the head of the household.

Beth to Jennifer: So you grew up in a headless household?

Jennifer to Beth: Exactly. With my mother, the housewife without a husband.”


“Derek eyed him suspiciously, and slowly unwrapped a Dum Dum sucker, the kind they gave kids in bank drive-throughs. Linchold could handle the suspicion and staring, but he couldn’t handle the Dum Dum.

‘I’ll come back’, he said.


“Lincoln kissed Emile on the cheek. That immediately seemed like a mistake, so he grabbed crazy-eyed paste-up artist and kissed her too, which seemed like an even bigger mistake. He quickly kissed every other girl standing in his reach, including Danielle the copy desk chief, two women he’d never met before, Chuck’s estranged wife, and finally Chuck himself.”



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