2016 Resolutions Book Tag!

Soo Jordan from Words…I Need Words… has tagged me for the 2016 Resolutions Book Tag and I’m ready to do this! From what I saw on Jordan’s page it’s pretty easy to do and apparently there are no rules; no rules are awesome xD

Here I go!

Bookish Resolutions 

In 2016, I will…

1. Read 150 books. (Because school, because college, because new experiences and hopefully new hobbies)

2. Buy more e-books. (I went broke this year from buying so many physical books because I was so stubborn about being a “converter” or an “e-booker” and it’s been costing me)

3. Have all my books in one place (I found epub and tuebl this year. And then I got a Nook and started buying books on my phone so I have at least 3 digital libraries and it’s a chore when I’m looking for just one book)

Book Blogging Resolutions

In 2016, I will…

1.  Do more stuff besides reviews. (I have something for you guys anyway! I was on instagram and saw something and I’m definitely going to make something from it. You’ll see that something on New Years day!)

2. Try to get more followers and see what other’s are up to (I’ve only had time to make awesome reviews and organize the blog once in a while. Hopefully I make time for other people’s blogs)


Career/ Academic Resolutions

In 2016, I will…

1. Make a senior year rebound! (Okay so I know you’re supposed to take it easy senior year but last semester the amount of Bs on that transcript was ridiculous. So I’m challenging myself once more: No Bs this ’16! Nothing B or below if you want to get technical xD)

2. Spend more time with friends outside of school (I’m a typical dork/nerd. Maybe even more nerdy or dorkier than others because it’s like I don’t even have friends because I don’t hang out with them much outside of school)

Personal Resolutions

In 2016, I will…

1. I really want to spend more time with family. I’ll be going to college soon and I realized just how much I’m going to miss my two younger siblings. They’ve annoyed me senseless and at times caused me to lose my voice but it’s probably because of them I never went through the “teen depression” stage. They’re so wonderful so I’ll find ways to make them realize it.

2. Try to be closer to my dad. Keep reminding myself that he’s not going to bite me. It’s just as my dad as he is my idol so I shouldn’t always be fearful that he’s going to correct everything I do. Take deep breaths and get personal with him. He’s my dad.

3.Work on my anxiety. I’ve been doing this all ’15 but somehow I’ve been doing it work. I’ll find more ways to work on this.

4. Confidence! “What’s wrong with me, I’m confident” (little Demi for you lol). I’ve had a lot of trouble with this word and because of it I’ve taken a long list of actions this year to strengthen my confidence in myself. To an extent…it’s worked. But it’s a journey and 2016 is another phase!

Tag You’re It!

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Have fellow book people!


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