I have returned…with Janet Evanovich!

Ah, my sweet, sweet darlings! How have you all been?

I’m back. It’s been a hectic week and will continue to be for months to come. I have constant headaches and my nights have a mean of 4 hours with a standard deviation of plus or minus 1 (stats people, where’re my peeps!?). Anywho, I can’t remember if I reviewed Carry On. If I didn’t…YOU NEED TO. Like, that book easily made it’s way to my top 5. Haha…anyways.

I’m back with a vengeance.  Jk I’m reading JANET EVANOVICH’S STEPHANIE PLUM series now and it is HILARIOUS! Like a Timber Wolves hilarious. Seriously. I read One for the Money and am in the process of finishing the movie (I’m like 20 minutes in. Crazy).

In the process of looking for Two for the Dough, my literature teacher had Eleven on Top, Sizzling Sixteen, and Hard Eight. Guess what was the best news ever… I DON’T HAVE TO READ THEM IN ORDER!! So of course even though I have piles and piles of workloads tied around my neck, I take ALL OF THEM and start reading Eleven on Top. As expected from the Plum series…they are hilarious. They were serious, undoubtedly, funny. I love it. Its like Timber Wolves except worse because you can relate to Stephanie.

I also started a book club on campus which is super ridiculously awesome because they all fangirl so bad LIKE MEEE! It was great. So yeah…in the midst of all the work, there’s some happiness. I’m just super frustrated because I can’t read because I have adult things to do. Blah. Who’s ready to graduate? THIS GIRRRRLLLL. First thing on my to buy list: a better book shelf.

Toodiloo my wonderful beauties!


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