Elsker (Elsker Saga Book 1)



Sooo I’M BACCKK! With more paranormal, mythological, blended YA …STUFF. Lol. So, lets do this!


Book: Elsker (Elsker Saga Book 1)

Genre: Norse Mythology

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

5-word Summary: Friggin AMAZING! Read within 8-hours!

Recommend? Go read it nowwwwww~

Warnings? Yeah…hold on to something…because you’re about to be blown away!


(Pretty good joke right?)

General Review:

So, let’s just say I was on the train for about 6 hours and this book was awesome enough to win me over over sleep. It’s pretty awesome. I feel like I keep saying every book I read is awesome; it’s because they are! There are so many great books out there that leave me speechless and all I can say is “its awesome, go read it and you’ll love it”. But I’ll try my best.

Basically, this really hot guy named Ull is a Norse god. Now I have never read any Norse mythology book before (only Greek and Roman and Egyptian) so this was new. But it was AMAZING! SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!!!At first I thought he was Thor…but he’s not so that was disappointing but holy moly does he make up for it!!!!!SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER

Anywho, the plot was great. It didn’t feel like it was going too fast and my goodness I love every single character in the book! INCLUDING THOR AND ODIN THEMSELVES. They are all sassy, attitudey, bad tempered got people that I want to love forever. Like I seriously hope no one dies at the end of the series. I have fallen in love not only with the hot god but also with the independent and strong main character who isn’t afraid to get angry at a hot guy because he looks good…even if she might be a little afraid.

And it’s FUNNY! The humor in this is too great. Like…it is literally too awesome. Can that happen? Awesome overdrive? Haha…

So yeah there’s that. Anyway, the main character, Kristia, is a boring person who has lived in a small town her whole life. Except her best friend Adris convinces her to study abroad in England (how SWEEET is that!?) and there she meets a very very angry and glaring god  who just spits out fire out of his eyes at her…if he could. And then he warms up to her and you know how it goes from here pretty much.

But guys, read this book. It’s free on ibooks and google books and I want you to share your amazing experience of reading with MEEE! Tell me how you like it please!

Quotes from this book, coming soon!!!

Toodilooo, my beautifuls!


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