The god Chronicles by Kamery Solomon


  1. THIS IS SOOOOO UNFAIR!!! AFTER ZEUS AND POSIEDON SOLOMON DARES DOES THIS TO HADES!!! This is the most unfair thing I have ever experienced in my whole life! This person deserves happiness!!! UHHHGGG
  2. Wonderful book. Absolutely amazing (save for the very heart-breaking ending). I loved it!!!

Alright, to better explain what the whole rant was about, here is your review for this very great book!


Book: Zeus/Poseidon/Hades by Kamery Solomon

Genre: Greek Mythology

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

5-word Summary: Quick read packed with feels

Recommend? Uhgg YAASSS man yasss!

Warnings? Not really. Just…watch out for the last book, Hades. It’ll break your heart


General Review:

Lets see…three books that took me only two days to read without even for a moment coming on here to draft a review for…what does that tell you? IT WAS AWESOME THAT I HAD TO FINISH ALL OF IT AND I STILL WANT MOREEE!

I liked the first book, Zeus. It was definitely original, different from the other Greek Mythology books I’ve read for sure. It was almost like Solomon was adding to the characters without taking anything away and I loved that. It was the same with Poseidon and Hades.

But. Hades. My favorite story featuring a woman named Katrina who lives in a ranch in Texas somewhere (weird right? But it all works right into the story weirdly but perfectly!!) and Hades who…lives in the underworld. Katrina is faced with a deal she has to abide by because she made it on a whim and in turn…it has horrible circumstances. HOWEVER, this is not a spoiler because the book is called Hades so yes, she falls for Hades. EXCEPT UNLIKE ALL THE OTHER AWESOME “YAY” HAPPY ENDINGS FOR ZEUS AND POSEIDON, HADES IS STILL A MISERABLE LITTLE SOUL!!!!

Uhgggggg. It was my favorite story after the one with Karly in Zeus and Audrey in Poseidon. Honestly I thought Poseidon was my favorite but in general Greek Mythology Hades has always been my favorite so I knew I would enjoy Hades, especially since the author said she had been thinking about this one ever since she started Zeus. Like…dude, author, spare my heart please. Do not get it so inflated with love and happiness for these two wonderful people who fit so well together and have so much love for each other and so much to learn from each other…and burst it in the most brutal way AND NOT CONTINUE THE SERIES!

There’s a spin-off about Karly and Zeus’ son from Zeus so I am hoping some of Hades’s ending will be talked about in there and how he is coping well or how everything magically turned around from him!


Literally all I can talk about is Hades but I’ll give the other brothers the praise they deserve.

Zeus is…pretty much Zeus. The same Zeus that we know if you mash up the laughing and cheery king of gods from Hercules with the actual depiction of the god who was so unfaithful to his wife most of the gods are pretty much all his children type of thing. He was cool though I guess. It was really funny though at the beginning when obviously he was struck by Karly’s reaction to him. It was even funnier when he apologized the first time with the flowers and the screaming. That was great. It was interesting and comical to see a god lose his cool like that, especially without his powers to call upon lighting or anything.

Poseidon was not like how I imagined him to be. I imagined him to be quite a bit like Zeus with the whole sleeping with too many women type of thing. He was pretty level-headed, smart, funny, pretty laid back and caring though he also did have a moment of his fury unfurling. It was nice to see him in that light.. Compared to Zeus, I loved his character way more but I guess we all have a type don’t we.

Hades. Hades, Hades, Hades…the most unfornuate ending for a god with a sweet heart just like the others. Sure he’s impulsive, a bit rash, a bit arrogant, a bit childish…but yeah. He’s all that. But through those you can see hints of his sweetness and when he meets Katrina it’s like he’s a whole other guy. I don’t like that he is made to be SUCH a good guy that it contradicts pretty much ever myth out there about him. I don’t like that he resembles Zeus and Poseidon so much even though obviously there are brothers. But I liked it though…does that make sense? No, okay. I like Hades, I liked him in this book, not as much, but I liked him enough to know he deserved way better than what Kamery Solomon had planned for him.

The girls: Karly, Audrey, and Katrina were awesome. All the girls have in common the ability to not take any disrespect geared toward them. They are strong like that. All of them can march up to said god and tell him what for. They are all similar, so similar in the same ways but also so different it’s hard to explain. They all have the fire that is obviously why the gods are attracted to them yet their gentleness and ability to cry easily and their decision making…are kind of annoying. The author could have made them more whole rounded…not just pawns who eventually amount to something. I like Katrina because she literally flew in and did something while Karly in her (understandable) helplessness and Audrey in her also (understandable) helplessness practically did nothing. However, they are humans so it won’t make sense to have a human be in a fight full of a bunch of gods.

In all? I loved it. It’s a funny read. Very addicting. Don’t read in public or you will laugh out loud. You’ll fall in love with literally everyone and cry after the last book because it’s all over and it was all unfair. The writing does seem like something from an advanced author on Wattpad or Fanfiction but it was very easy to get past that and focus on the more important stuff: the hot guys and the strong girls and the awesome plot. Uhg I loved them. I love how even though they were quick to read, the feelings they gave me were almost just as intense as Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas. THAT is another story of unfairness and rants.

Go get the ebooks now! you will not regret it, I promise you.

-Tooilo, my wonderfuls!


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