Adrastia by Kamery Solomon (Book 4 of The god Chronicles)


Book: Adrastia byKamery Solomon

Genre: YA Greek Mythology

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5

5-word Summary: Likable jerk + strong female character

Recommend? YES! But only if Hades wasn’t enough for you.

Warnings? He slaps her once…for no reason. Adrastia is a jerk, be warned.



I was one of those people who the end of Hades was like “whaat” for me because Hades deserved a happy ending, more than Zeus or Poseidon, both of which couldn’t keep their pants on for more than a few minutes. At the beginning of Adrastia when Cristos (Adrastia) began explaining what everyone now thought of Hades I was so angry. He deserves so much more; he deserved Katrina.

However as I read about Cristo’s I completely forgot about Hades. Cristos is an arrogant jerk who think’s he’s all that just because his father is Zeus and he can hold a sword…and is supposed to save all the gods and goddesses of Greek Myth. That does not give him lee-way to determine the life span of people and it certainly does not give him lee-way to act all high and mighty. The writing in Zeus looking back was a bit amateur for an author (I’m NOT the one to talk), Poseidon was the process of learning and Hades and Adrastia were the ultimate result.

I’ll say this: Kamery Solomon isn’t a very well-known author compared to the authors I’ve read in the past. I rate her book high because I really enjoyed it but plot and character wise, she’s still developing in my opinion. It’s not all complicated like Throne of Glass. After reading the amazing world building and twists of SJM I think even if I love a book, I’ll give it a 4 if it doesn’t meet the SJM standard.

Summary time:

Cristos/Adrastia is the son of Zeus and Karly. He was born at the time when the Titans escaped Tartarus so naturally he was named after the Goddess of vengeance. So, he became known as Cristos/Adrastia, the avenger, and has been hunting down Titans since he could walk (exaggerating). However when he finally meets the Fates, they tell him his…future and he’s so appalled that he tries to stop it but helloooo, there’s no stopping fate. Trying to stop it causes him to make the horrible terrible thing actually come true.

Meet Avalon, a demi-titan who’s bound to make Cristos’ life fall apart by making him fall in love with her. Except she’s the most lovable creature on the planet and Cristos treats her horribly…until they fall in love. Before that though, he’s horrible. Even Arsenio, Poseidon’s son that Audrey only found out about, treats her well.

Cristos calls her an “it.” Seriously.

However, this trio reminds me ALOT of Percy Jackson (he, Annabeth, and Grover), Except this would be like an older, cocky Percy who keeps Annabeth prisoner for a while. They’re miraculous together and I’m certain that in the next book they’ll be joined together.


Cristos: Cristos reminds me soooo much of Nikolas from Relentless. Really. Except he’s worse. He has no morals except the obligation to respect his parents and other gods and goddesses. He’s arrogant, cocky, and makes me angry. However right after he stopped calling Avalon “it” I began to like him…a lot. By the end of the book, I was in love with Cristos. His arrogance is excessive over confidence but the softness that stems fro him towards the end of the book helps that a lot. He’s actually very caring, just too bossy for it to show too much. In all, he’s pretty awesome. He’s not in my top 5, but he’s probably a 6.

Avalon: My beautiful, beautiful Avalon. She’s wonderful in every way. I love her sassiness, her smartness, everything. She’s funny and she does hold Cristo’s accountable for every single one of his actions, good and bad. Yet she’s the sweetest thing you’ll probably meet; she reminds me if an innocent, sweet girl that better be avoided when she gets angry. Celeana would probably hate her…but she would gladly feel the same way and try to get in a fight…they shouldn’t mix lol.

Arsenio: I love him because he’s Poseidon’s son and I like Poseidon, second to Hades of course.He also treated Avalon kindly and that’s good for him. Besides that, that’s all I have to say for Arsenio.


Luckily, I took a lot of notes on my Google account as I read so here they are, along with my comments 😉 :

No more smiling at It. It, not her. It.”

“It. Not her.”
UHG. Stop it you brat

“Do you need help? That didn’t come out right, of course you don’t, I—you know what? I’m just going to go back downstairs and wait. In shame”
Aresenio I love you

Dammit. It’s head”

“I was a lousy example of a man.”
Lol ha. 

From there on out it became so interesting I just didn’t even pick out any quotes.

In all, I loved this book. I can’t wait for the next one, I don’t know when it’s coming out sadly…

Get it if you can! You won’t regret it!

Byeeeee, wonderfuls,





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