The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows


Book: The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows

Genre: YA Fantasy

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5

5-word Summary: Really suspenseful, quick read, amusing

Recommend? Psshh of course!

Warnings? None!



To be honest the moment I started reading this book it reminded me of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. While Wilhelmina (I immediately remembered sweet, strong Nehemia) and Celeana are VERY different, the similarities are in the same way very apparent. Their arrogance, independence, ability to see their own weakness and accept their doubt yet appear strong, immense selflessness…it’s easy to see the similarities. Even the situation of the book with the king (except King Terell isn’t exactly the “Grand Imperial Majesty and Master of the Earth, the King of Adarlan”) and his son and everything else…except Aelin’s hatred for Chaol and Dorian and the King of Adarlan and Adarlan itself was so much more than Wilhelmina’s heart is capable of…probably.

Enough comparisons! The book is about Princess Wil (helmia) and other orphans of nobility that belonged to the fallen kingdom of Aecor. The kids were taken from the castle in Aecor after their kingdom was burned and destroyed by Kind Terell (King of the Indigo Kindgom) in just one night (hence it’s called the One-Night-War) but they escaped (broken out by the oldest orphan, son of the late Aecor general, Patrick Lien) and started a rebel group called the Ospreys. The Ospreys have been trained to steal and do a bunch of other crazy stuff to get by but Wil has one rule: NO MURDERING OR KILLING ANYONE. However, even though she’s the Princess, Patrick is the oldest and they all listen to him. Magic has been banned in kingdoms that have signed a treaty because they discovered that the by-product of magic use (wraith) is eating everything pretty much. But Aecor didn’t sign and a bunch of things happened and they were attacked. Anywho, there’s this vigilante (like the Arrow) who goes around Indigo Kingdom (mostly Skyvale) to make sure all magic users, A.K.A flashers, are turned in to the Indigo Order, A.K.A, the cops. His name is Black Knife (cool right xD) and he really doesn’t like the Ospreys because they don’t use magic but they steal and he doesn’t like it.

Stuff happens and Wil and her friend has to go undercover to get into the Indigo Kingdom castle as refugees from Liadia (a kingdom that had fallen to the wraith and signed the treaty so Indigo people have to take them in) but they really aren’t. Things happen all the while Wil gets cozy with Black Knife.

This was me (seriously) at 3 in the morning when I got to the part where Black Knife’s identity was revealed:

“No…no! What?! But…I thought…it’s not…it’s him? But…” I had evidence all over the book on who it could be but…no…I shouldn’t be a detective I guess…

P.S. When I think of Black Knife, this is who I see:


I’m very serious.


In all, they were likable and realistic. I thought they were a bit…flat? Black knife seemed indepth. But the whole thing revolved around Black Knife and Wil that I thought everyone else didn’t get any good character backgrounds.

WilhelmiaLike I said before, she’s like Celeana but not…that’s pretty much it. She’s selfless with a great sense of justice and what it is right as well as what it wrong. There are boundaries her morals will not allow her to cross which makes her different from Patrick. I think she’s a bit judgemental. She used Patrick’s weakness against him even after she knew he would never willingly do what he did. She threw it in his face even though I do understand that she has to let him feel bad so he would never do that to her again. Still, she judges Melanie, Patrick, Tobiah, Black Knife…everyone…

Tobiah: This man is my number one disliked character in all my years of reading. I understand it’s a true personality trait, but I don’t like it. But kudos to Meadows for daring to make such a character. In a way he’s very interesting…but in another way he just…blahahhhh. Let’s skip him for now.

James: My one and only love. He was great. He wasn’t perfect, but he was funny yet hardworking and knew when to do his job and how. He was the best disguised out of all of them, if you ask me. He reminds me a bit of Chaol, only because he’s a guard and his best friend is a prince. The resemblance stops there because Chaol and James…are very different.

Patrick: I think he’s a major character player so I’ll do him. He’s…interesting. I see him as a young Hitler. Like…he thinks he’s doing something good and everyone’s method to approaching that will 100% not work, at all. Only his way will prevail…actually, I see him as Donald Trump, nevermind. Anywho, he fanatically supports his way and is a non-believer of any other way…all the which leads him to committing a horrible act. However, I always understand the bad guys. He BELIEVES and will not believe ANYTHING else. I feel like WIl did the right thing, not to force him to do it her way because he would have turned into the enemy surely. She let him try his way so that when it all crashed and he saw how wrong it was, he would return to her. I just hope that happens…that he doesn’t screw anything up for Wil by actually going with his plan…P.S…I’m a silent Wiltrick shipper.

In all, I give it a 4/5. The characters were okay. Like I said before, Wil and Black Knife were the only in depth ones and I loved them! If the author had taken her time, I think, to go into the other characters more it would’ve made the story more whole. which brings me to the plot. It was GREAT! It was amazing. It was suspenseful, romantic, sad, funny…everything! Except I felt like the character reaction to most of the events were like…”what? That’s all? It’s over already?” Not like it went too fast but…it was too quickly overcome?

I LOVED THE BOOK THOUGH. I’M READING THE NEXT ONE WHICH IS The MIRROR KING I’M SO EXCITED! I’m also going to be reading the novella Black Knife (because I love him).

theblackknife novella

Quotes time!

There isn’t much because I sped through that book and finished it in one day. Still, enjoy. So many funny scenes I missed…I’ll have to go back.

“As much as I hated turning my back on a boy with a cross bow, I had to get back…”

theorphanqueen quotes

“Men like these enjoyed explaining things. They liked being helpful, so I would put them at ease.”

That’s all folks. I highly recommend The Orphan Queen! Read it if you get the chance (it’s not as expensive as most books now a days).

Toodiloo my beautifuls,

Luvley Fiction




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