Book Challenge!!!


To accept the challenge tag 10 other blogs! Done with the challenge? Answer the questions above and tag me @luvleyfiction and have your results published on my blog (and twitter, and tumblr, and blogspot)!

Let the challenge begin!















One thought on “Book Challenge!!!

  1. ❁luvleyfiction❁ says:

    Reblogged this on ♠LuvleyFiction♠ and commented:

    I finished most of the series I need to and some, I’m still working on.

    Water Song Series
    Destiny Binds Series
    Harry Potter (finally!!!)
    Throne of Glass Series (Onngoing)
    Arcana Chronicles (Ongoing)

    Working On:
    Grey Wolves Series
    Stephanie Plum Series
    Sweet Evil (meh)


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