I’m back!!!

Here I am! I have not gone missing or lost my passion for books (never!)

Thank you everyone for being patient! To be honest I’ve read so many books that I can’t even begin to review because it was during the school year and there was no time.

I’m back now with a better schedule and letting you all know that…drummrooll please…


This is mostly due to the facts that:

  1. There are some stories on Wattpad worth the publicity. They’re soooo well written and I want to give the same recognition to them as I do to my more world-famous authors. I believe it doesn’t matter where the source is, as long as you enjoy the work, that is all that matters.
  2. It’s faster to read Wattpad stories. Unlike real book series I don’t get hooked and drop everything in life to finish them and then realize what great big mistake I made the moment after I finish the series. This is NOT to say I will no longer  review real books. *Cue evil laughter* An EMPIRE OF STORMS review is coming reeeaal soon and as we all know, Sarah J. Maas does not disappoint. Ever. She literally pretty much makes sure she doesn’t.
  3. They’re so fun. The authors are wonderful and more personable too, if you ask me.

I want to let you all know that I’ll be taking requests to review books whether they are e-books, from Wattpad, or print. I will literally read anything that isn’t horror.

However my reviews are 100% truthful therefore if I didn’t like your book and you ask me to review it, I will say I didn’t like it. If I loved it, you better get ready for me to boost that book on every social media and blog connections out there. I love sharing the good news, having discussions and talking to people about favorite quotes and characters! Overthinking about plots, etc. If I love a book, I want everyone to know. I won’t pretend to love a book, that’s just wrong in so many ways.

There will always be a reason why I don’t like a book and I won’t just flat out diss it either. I believe in constructive criticism because if you’re a writer, there’s a 100% chance someone out there will love what you write. If you point out the errors and don’t offer a solution then you’re part of the problem, I believe.

This is my system.

I look forward to being back here on WordPress! I’m also back on Tumblr AND Twitter!!!

See you around beautifuls,


P.S: What do you think about vlogs on Youtube?


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