Can you guess the character?

Any book blogger that can guess the character first will have one of their book reviews featured on my blog!! Each challenge will be accepting 20 answers only. If after 20 guesses no one has guesses correctly, the challenge is over. If there is a correct guess before 20, whoever guessed correctly first wins. Feel free to not guess (but that’s not fun!!!). Guesses may be made on twitter, tumblr or wordpress! I’ll be keeping a list of book bloggers who have already made correct guesses to keep track of who’s getting their prizes!


  • Any book blogger can guess!
  • Guess are made ONLY through: post or comment(wordpress), DM or reply (twitter) or IM or reblog (tumblr) with #luvleyfiction!
  • Only up to 20 guesses will be accepted. If there is a correct answer before 20 guesses, whoever guessed first wins. If there is no correct answer before 20 guesses, no one wins. The challenge is officially over after 20 guesses.
  • All GTC quotes are made from characters from books I’ve already reviewed!!! If you want a bigger hint you can go through the books in my reviews and check out the character sections!
  • Your followers can help you!!
  • Hints include but are not limited to: character initials (HR: Hera Reynolds); author initials (SJM: Sarah J Maas) ; a town, city or any setting name from the book the character is from (Hogwarts, Hogsmede); character’s nickname (Fireheart); etc.
  • I am being fair in everything! If someone posts the answer on twitter two seconds before you did on wordpress, they won.
  • Please don’t replicate this challenge. But it’s cool if you let other people know about it!!! If something like this already exists, please let me know immediately!
  • First blogger to get 10 character guesses in a row will win:
    • Guest post from moi! It will be a review on a book I’ve just finished/in the process of finishing
    • FREEBIE book from me!
    • Recognition on my blog for your wonderful awesomeness and knowing your awesome book characters so well!
  • HAVE FUN!!!

This is more active than elevator. Elevator is always there for anyone to comment on and I will keep doing those too!

Tell all your friends and GUESSTHECHARACTER!!

Toodiloo, my beautifuls!


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