About Me

Bonjour! Je m’ apelle Yasmine! J’ai seize ans et moi, J’adore lu les romans et…books.

Hello, I’m Yasmine, A.K.A, LuvleyFiction. From my blog name, you can guess that I like books. I read books while I eat, shower, walk, sleep (which I don’t actually do because I’m busy reading). The only time I do not read is when I pray or drive (don’t read and drive kids. Really bad idea)

To sum it all up, I read books. Then I comment, review and analyze the characters and plots. I do not review mechanics of the books. I don’t think I can constantly talk about “oh that grammar was horrible” or how “there were no juxtapositions, bad parallel structure and no emphasis on details, what is this?!” When I write reviews it’s based of what I feel when I read the book, how much I freak out and jump around my room and how much “awww!!!!” goes on. I also analyze the characters a bit and look into the plot, how the book is written, because in the end, the book has to come together as a whole.

The main purpose of this blog is to provide my light-hearted and true opinions on books that I read and feel the need to share with you guys! Most of my reviews will include gifs that summarize a specific feeling I can’t communicate.

Some facts about me:

Libra in sun so I’m up and down but usually mostly up.

Virgo in moon so I like to keep things on schedule.

-DIY and Homemade everything is my jam.

-The story of me:

-I love to communicate through gifs (as I said before).

-Brain Games is life.

-National Geographic is life.

-The Food and Cooking channels are also life.

-My HumanMetrics Personality type is: INTP (Introverted* iNtuition, Thinking over Sensing 1% and Perceiving over Judging)

-I love everything about the brain; from research to just plain perception games.

-I am a proud Black Muslim from a proud Black Muslim family.

-Any questions, comments or concerns just post something with my tag or comment on one of my posts.

That’s an overview of me. I’m just a very friendly person with a love for books and my many fictional boyfriends.

Quick note: Whatever you do, don’t forget to think of others and ways you can help someone 50 billion miles (exaggerating) from you just by doing something small or huge.

Also, don’t forget to volunteer at your local library and read to little kids, get them hooked on reading. You never know the difference you can make in a little kid’s life.

#Savethebookstores #Savethelibraries

Okay. Now that you know me, follow my blog and read my reviews!

Tooodiloo, Luvley Fiction 😉

P.S: I’m also on twitter, tumblr and blogspot; search me and follow me!


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