Dedication to Lux Series (JLA)

*Note: JLA= Jennifer L. Armentrout LUX SERIES BY JLA Most of this is just Daemon being an arrogant douche and Katy defending her sass queen title. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THEM. DEDICATION TO ALL THE CHARACTERS OF LUX SERIES; ALL THE LUXEN, ORIGINS, HUMANS, HYBRIDS, NICE ARUMS, INSANE ARUMS, INSANE LUXEN, DOD AGENTS, DAELEOUS SCIENTISTS … Continue reading Dedication to Lux Series (JLA)


I went to Barnes and Nobles!!

I mean I didn't actually buy anything lol. I rarely but anything but I go every week to just sit and read some magazines, have a green tea latte, go through some books...stuff like that. Everything is so expensive if I see a book I sort of like then I just read a few pages … Continue reading I went to Barnes and Nobles!!

The Nine Lives of Chole King by Liz Braswell

"Chole wished there was some way to store this entire moment, not just the visual image, but smells and feelings and all. Like in a stone or something that she could keep in her jewelry box and take out when she needed to relieve the moment. Chole leaned back and lay on her back, looking up at the sky. In the sun and the wind and silence the cogs in her mind slowly began to fall back into place; the monkey wrenches and other acts of mental sabotage from the last few months slowly disappeared. The background chatter in her brain quieted. She just was. And there, hidden by the mentAl graffiti, were the answers that had always been there. It wasn't a great revelation, a message from the Twin goddesses or her mom or the behind; it was just Chole. Speaking clearly to herself. She sat up and pulled out her phone, regretful that the moment was over but resolved."